Voyage Century: Halloween Approaches

Boo! Mwahahahaha!! Halloween is quickly approaching, and Voyage Century ( has some amazing festival gifts for players, including the Transformation Card, the Pet Whistle for summoning cute pets, and the Bronze Coffer. Join us now and have a special Halloween in VCO.

All players can participate in the event.
Event duration 10.17.2007-10.28.2007
Venue:VC Forum

Content-Post the words that you want to say for this special festival under the “Giving Out Halloween Gifts” post in the Event Zone. Each participant will get one gift, furthermore, we will select some lucky players from all the participants that will receive our mysterious fancy gifts.
Basic Rules- Post your words in the right place and time.
2. The words you want to say could be your hopes, wishes, jokes and so on, however your words should not contain obscene/vulgar language and remember that offensive content will be rejected.
3. We will select 2 participants on each post page to get extra fancy gifts.
Event Rewards – A Transforming Card,A Bronze Coffer and A Pet Whistle.
When can you get your gifts: 10/30/2007
You can only get the gifts one time if you only have one account.
Gifts Information – You can get random gifts from the Bronze Coffer, such as treasure maps, money or design maps.
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