Voyage Century: Logistics Skills Review

No matter how mighty you are in Voyage Century (, you will still need support from Logistics Skills. There are two kinds of special resources, Wood and Iron Ore. They are very important resources for creative skills such as mining, lumbering, forging and ship-building. Furthermore, upgrading various boats will consume large amounts of these two resources.

Voyage Century is based on the real world, so the distribution of these resources is based on their corresponding places in the real world. You should know about this related information if you learn logistics skills, otherwise you probably will not find the resources you need.

Additionally, you need a suitable boat to help you load more precious resources and enter the resource zones safely, because many valuable resources are usually located on dangerous islands and you will face many ferocious pirates as well. If you only want to travel around this amazing world, any kind of boat is suitable.

Last but not least, you should learn how to keep away from danger.

Even if you can enter these dangerous islands, you will still inevitably face all kinds of dangerous monsters. Once these monsters find you, you will probably be killed. So it’s very important for you to learn how to keep away from danger so as to complete your mission.

Logistics is very important in the game, but our players sometimes ignore it. However Voyage Century contains 17 completely different occupation skills and each of them is irreplaceable in the game. A reality makes VCO very popular among gamers. Indeed, logistics plays a significant role in enriching the game and maintaining a balance of prosperity in the game world.

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