Voyage Century: New Bosses Coming Soon

With the new bosses of Voyage Century ( coming soon, the VCO team is going to give their players a little preview of these bosses..
How to play:
Alternative 1: Lighters Aboard Ship, or LASH ship
There are some LASH lighters generated every few seconds beside LASH ships to crash players. LASH lighters have one point Durability and will suck after attacking players. They have high Ship Ramming Force. Players must wear the Ram Proof Shield, or destroy the LASH lighters before getting too close to them. Players can greatly reduce the damage wrought by LASH lighters through rational division of their duties.
Alternative 2: Carvel.
After a BOSS ship is killed, four boats are generated that will run away in four directions (similar to the NPC merchant ships sailing toward one direction). Only one of them is carrying the Treasure Chest to escape. Players can detect it by themselves or cooperate with other players to get the Treasure Chest.
Alternative 3: Gunboat
Gunfire on the right side of this BOSS ship is more powerful than the left side. The killing difficulty will be greatly reduced if players choose the right standpoint to attack.
All BOSSES can’t be grappled and have high Level ramming protection.
In order to prevent high Level players from taking over resources belonging to BOSSes, the location where BOSSes are refreshed will be constantly changed. Besides, there will be Level limits to enter fights against BOSSes of low and middle Level.
Low Level BOSSes: sea battle<Level 80 Middle Level BOSS: sea battle<Level105
Refresh regulations:
Bosses are divided into three Levels. Low and middle Level bosses will be refreshed at the Eur-African Outer Coast. While high Level bosses will be refreshed at the Afro-Asian Outer Coast.
Only three BOSS generators to generate bosses at each of the three different Levels are added this time. Each generator will randomly generate a BOSS whenever the refresh requirement is met.
Lighters Aboard Ship: 30% Carvel: 30% Gunboat: 40%
There is a server announcement when a BOSS is refreshed with detailed coordinates to indicate where bosses are. One of the trade routes will be randomly selected to be a refresh location.
Low Level BOSS refresh time: 3 hours
Middle Level BOSS refresh time: 6 hours
High Level BOSS refresh time: 9 hours
Refreshed BOSSes can’t be grappled and will drop no high Level items but Treasure Chests after sunk. The Treasure Chests dropped include the Refined Copper Treasure Chest, Silver Luster Treasure Chest and Deep Colored Gold from low Level to high Level. Refer to the item weight list for more detailed information about Treasure Chests.
There is server announcement for killing BOSSes in the following format: Player XX killed Pirate XXX.
Low Level Lighters Aboard Ship: Ran. De. Bellive’s Lioness Ship
refreshed at Eur-African Outer Coast every 3 hours, the appearance of the level 7 Battle Ship and yellowish sail.
two LASH lighters generated every 15 seconds
Mid-Level Lighters Aboard Ship: Henry. Ivelli’s Fantasy Ship
refreshed at the Eur-African Outer Coast every 6 hours, the appearance of the level 10 Battle Ship (Arab style) with a titian sail
Two LASH lighters generated every 15 seconds
High Level Lighters Aboard Ship: Wansaofen’s Cracking Lighter Aboard Ship
refreshed at the Afro-Asian Outer Coast every 9 hours, the appearance of the level 10 Battle Ship with a Blue sail
Two LASH lighters generated every 15 seconds
Other bosses sharing the same look and refresh rules as lighters aboard ships at the same Level include:
Low Level carvel: George. Ansheen’s Urniknio Ship
Mid-Level carvel: Savage henry. Morgan’s Flagship
High Level carvel: Laboos’ Eagle Ship
Low Level gunboat: Edward. Davids’ Flagship
Mid- Level gunboat: Bloodblade Nibeto. Bonito’s Flagship
High Level gunboat: Tippi. Tipoo’s Flagship
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