Voyage Century: New Expansion Preview

The new Voyage Century ( expansion will be released in mid-December, and it has been officially named “Doom Treasure”. It was initially called “Hurricane Islands” because of the newly-added instance – Storm Island. However, considering the dangerous and exciting elements and more favorable rewards from quests, the VCO team decided to officially name it “Doom Treasure”.

Apart from the systems included in the current edition, new systems and contents are added into the game such as a gem enchasing system, new equipment and a new map.
Among the new content included players will find three new features as below.

Gem Enchasing System
Carnelian, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Black Diamond have been added into the game. There are different gems with different attributes. Players can enchase them onto their jewelry or weapons according to their need, making their jewelry unique.

Skill Upgrade
In the new edition, a skill levels upper limit has been increased to 120.

New Maps, New Challenges
A mysterious world opens its door to the players in the new edition, Hurricane Island.
Located in the North Atlantic Ocean near Newfoundland, Hurricane Island is a small, mystic island never found before, where bizarre creatures ,dinosaurs, lizardmen and aboriginals run rampant. Do more unknown things lie ahead? The Island is waiting for its first visitors.

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