Voyage Century Official Interview with Guild who occupied Athens

Voyage Century Official Interview with Guild who occupied Athens

Eeto, the leader of TheBlackHand, which is the first guild succeeded in the Siege War of Voyage Century Online, has answered a slew of our questions on their victory.

VCO: Why you found the guild and how did you grow your members?
Eeto: I founded the guild because Shadow Pirates was hacked and it was a fresh chance to start over and remove inactive players. We grew our guild by talking to people in high level ships we see sailing around that aren’t guilded and post on the forums.

VCO: What do you think are the basic qualifications as a guild leader?
Eeto: To be a good leader you need to be a people person and not take sides, you need to be patient and willing to listen to players’ problems and spend a lot of time playing and chatting with other guilds and people of the world.

VCO: What’s your feeling after taking Athens?
Eeto: Well what can I say, felt good to know we took it first try when sea empires failed twice. Other than that its just more “city” quests to do to lvl a city, can’t see any point yet but well find out.

VCO: Do you feel the press from other developing guilds?
Eeto: Not really, we are hostile to only one other lvl 5 guild and neither of us want to get at each other necks and make the high sea’s bloody just yet.

VCO: Have you ever thought your guild to be the first one to take Athens?
Eeto: Yea, when we were shadow pirates we thought we would be but after being hacked we didn’t expect it.

VCO: How did you organize the siege?
We spent a week before the siege talking with all the leader letting them know of our intentions, getting them to farm quality buckshot ammo from pirate boss’s (we didn’t farm nearly enough maybe 120k balls used by each ship over that 1 barbette), then spent a week FORCING my guild and allies to read the siege guide and making sure every one was ready.

VCO: Did you discuss the tactic before siege? If so, what is the tactic?
Eeto: The alliance all met up on the mother ship to give a run down of what was going on.
First up we placed the mother ship right on Athens where we zone out and can click to instantly zone into offshore (this kept us safe from high sea bank),then we basically made sure we went in at once with the big ships the closest to fire to make sure it wasn’t sinking all the small ships real fast, made sure every one was full of AP ammo, had a slave ship there handing it out to save as much time as needed, and we made an arc around the target and spent 1hour 30mins shooting

VCO: Did you siege Athens according to that tactic absolutely? If not, why?
Eeto: pretty much, we had 2 Guild Flags donated by a guildie and the rest of massive amounts of ships shooting loads of ammo and spending a good amount of time doing it.

VCO: Did you meet any difficulty during the siege? What were the main difficulties? How did you solve them?
Eeto: Main difficulty was keeping people there for a full hour the sieges are at fixed times, especially the few that died a lot. Other than that it was a walk in the park thanks to the lvl 7 and 8 ships there helping.

VCO: Can you give some advice to guilds going to siege cities?
Eeto: Spend time to plan, make sure you have a few high level ships, give yourself a week to collect secondary repair kits and quality ap ammo, and use lvl 8+ canons, if you don’t have lvl 7+ ships you would want 100+ ships to be shooting, form a strong alliance so you have friends to help cause you wont do it alone and make sure your members are willing to wake up at any hour of the night siege times are like:
Saturday, at 23:00:00 UST
New York Sat 6:00 PM
Warsaw Midnight Sat-Sun
Sydney Sun 10:00 AM

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