Voyage Century Online: Hanging Gardens and Borohudur Temple

Voyage Century Online ( ) wants players to explore 2 more historical buildings. With the following instructions, players can get more joy from this adventure without the usual confusion. Finding these buildings will also help level them up.

The Hanging Gardens — Bateer’s chain
Quest: Alchemy experiments in the Hanging Gardens
Given by: Hasan (Basra Port)
Other NPCs: Meng Zhang
Sea Battle >=25
At the Basra Port, I heard rumors of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon from Hasana and knew that a Chinese man named Meng Zhang had once battled with the savages there. After chatting with Meng Zhang, he told me he was a descendant of the golden family .In order to prove my bravery, he asked me to kill ten of the savages. After I successfully finished the task and returned, he greatly praised me and rewarded me with the Necklace of Basra.
20000 Voyage
20000 Sea Battle
50000 Silver
200 Reputation
Title: The Butcher in the Savage Garden or Bateer

Borobudur Temple Compounds — Sarira
Quest: Borobudur Temple Compounds
Given by: Wang Er’ ge (Semarang Port)
Precondition: Kill an Animated Golden Buddha
According to Mr.Wang, I knew that the treasure of Buddhism– Buddha’s relics, were hidden away in the temple of Borobudur. After overcoming many hardships, I finally obtained the relics. After chatting with Mr.Wang again, he suggested that I should give the relics to an enlightened hierarch.
50000 Sea Battle
50000 Eloquence
10000 Silver
500 Reputation
Title: Irascible Monk (Bare-handed Fighting>=60) or Savage Monk

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