Voyage Century Online: The Taj Mahal and Stonehenge

Voyage Century Online ( ) has many famous building expeditions. These expeditions to the sites of world renowned architecture increase the joy and secret delight of the game. In addition they offer rewards for the clever players who figure them out. Below are the guides to the Taj Mahal and Stonehenge, with more to come in a few weeks.

1. Taj Mahal — Ramayana
Quest: The Phantom of the Old Grave
Given by: Randhawa (Bombay)
Precondition: Voyage>=40
Other NPCs: Srirot
In Bombay, I heard the legend of the Taj Mahal from Randhawa. He recommended I go to Srirot to get some more details about the place. Srirot told me that deep inside the Taj Mahal there was the Shah’s favorite book Ramayana. I defeated the phantom king in the mausoleum and obtained the book. I gave the book to Srirot under his request.
10000 Voyage
10000 Sea Battle
25000 Silver
500 Reputation
Title: a Fearless Storyteller

2. Stonehenge — Encyclopedia of Britannia
Quest: London Stonehenge
1) Completed the quest: The Alliance with Britain
2) Amity Degree to the Kingdom of England >=20
Other NPCs: Gira — White — Shakespeare — Edward
Edward of London talked about Stonehenge in suburban London with me. After asking some citizens about it, I decided to consult Shakespeare. He was full of information about the ancient place and told me a lot about the background of Stonehenge, which has a long history dating back 4000-5000 years. After the conversation, Shakespeare sent me an "Encyclopedia of Britannia", which I then forwarded to Edward because he was very curious about Stonehenge.
Title: British Royal Scholar

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