Voyage Century Receive High Expectation

Voyage Century is the first 3D nautical online game in MMORPG history. It bases on the real world of 16th century. In the game, players can enjoy all kinds of experience. Players can sail around the entire world to create their own Voyage Century.

When the news “Voyage Century will be free” is released, especially when the news of the “Voyage Century closed beta” is released. This fantastic game attracts many players and guilds both in North American and in Europe.

Players have a very good response to the game. They are enamored by the charm of the first 3D nautical online game. The delicate picture, vivid living things in the game, lively characters, realistic battleships and the picturesque scene make every player want to try this game out.

Voyage Century has a closed relation ship with the game media and it also draws many game media’s attention. You can find reviews, previews and interviews of our game in many famous game media all over the world, which means the world game industry is focusing on this amazing game.

Many ambitious players and guilds apply for Voyage Century beta accounts through e-mail. But due to the limitation of beta accounts, players and guilds that do not have a test accounts must hurry up. Later on, Voyage Century will have more activities for players and guilds that join the game.

"Free game First-class service"
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The first 3D nautical online game brings a new age into MMORPG!

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