Voyage Century: Ship Figurehead Review

Figureheads are one of these equipments that of great importance to the ship attribute in Voyage Century Online ( They have great impact on the durability, propulsion, speed, number of sailors and attack of ships. Furthermore, you will have a much lower possibility to encounter such catastrophe as plague, storm, vortex and tornado if your ship were equipped with figurehead.

Catalog according to their function, figureheads can be divided into water series, fire series and wind series. Besides, each series can also be divided into Sword figurehead, Dolphin figurehead, Sea Horse Figurehead, Lion Figurehead, Beluga Figurehead, Falcon Figurehead, Mermaid Figurehead, Angel Figurehead, Titan Figurehead and Neptune Figurehead according to their level.

Water series figureheads will greatly increase loading capacity of the ship. Fire series figureheads will increase the numbers of cannon and ship durability. Wind series figureheads will increase the ship speed and number of sailor.

Still worrying about being plundered by the pirates? A trading ship with fire series figurehead with large numbers of cannons will grant you the ability to fight back. Found noting after tough exploring all around the world? A water series figurehead with huge loading capacity will turn you raiding ship into a trading ship helping you to get back from the loss of the resultless exploration

Paying attention to the capability of each figurehead, rebuilding your ship according to you specific need, you will have special ship better than others. For more information, please check here,

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