Voyage Century: Strategy for Challenging New Boss

Voyage Century ( team has prepared this strategy for players, which will make it easy to challenge the boss in Hurricane Island.

First Floor: Mine Cave of Hurricane Island
Entry Requirement: Hurricane Island Map
BOSS: Taskmaster Rowan
Game Guide for BOSS Fight
When your team is in the battle, 2 players who have high defense and dodge should be the tanks, and they need to manage the hate of the boss. After 5~10s when you attack boss, he will use 3 skills in turn to attack players, players should pay attention to the Rowan Blow skill which will stun players, when one of the two tanks is stunned, the other tank need to manage the hate of the boss and let him attack yourself, because the stunned player can’t use potions to heal himself. In a normal state the boss has less attack power than his attendants, so during this phase, the key point is to control your HP. When the boss’s HP descends to a certain proportion, he will be in a crazy state, and his power will be greatly improved. Players need to open the additional attributes on your equipment to increase your power, and then you only need to wait and keep fighting.

The Second Floor: Lizard Cave
Entry Requirement: Defeat the boss on first floor, and the entrance to second floor will appear.
BOSS: Lizardman Lense.
Game Guide for BOSS Fight
Players should try to defeat the boss as soon as possible, because he will summon some attendants every 30s when his HP is less than 2/3. 1 tank should go to attack the boss directly, and 1 player should use the Soul of Sabre skill, if you still can’t beat the 10 attendants, you’d better open the additional attributes on your equipment to fight against them. When you defeat all the attendants, you should focus your attack on the boss right away. You should also keep some Soul of Sabre skills in reserve to deal with any more attendants.

The Third Floor: Cliff Valley
Entry Requirement: Kill the 2nd floor boss, Lense, and the entrance to third floor will appear.
BOSS: Barbarian Chieftain Patty
Game Guide for BOSS Fight
The boss in third floor is more powerful, and players need all the necessary items to challenge this boss. We suggest players should buy some advanced items in the Item Mall such as High-level First-aid kits and High-Level Healing Potions. There should be some players who have at least 10 thousand HP, 1200 defense, 410 dodge on your team.

The Fourth Floor: Ancient Grave
Entry Requirements: Finish the “Key to Grave” quest and the NPC Claude will give you the key to the grave, and then your team can enter the Ancient Grave.
BOSS: The Leader of the Grave Robbers, Dante.
Game Guide for BOSS Fight
At very beginning, he has ordinary power, so players can defeat him easily, but when he becomes the skeleton, his power will be improved greatly and he can use Armor Broken and Paralysis. If you are cursed by the Armor Broken, you should use Holy Medicine to dispel the effect, otherwise, you will probably be hurt with 3000 damage when he attacks you. During the battle all players need to manage the hate of the boss, so the boss will attack all players in turn, and consequently players will suffer less damage. Tank tactics are not feasible against this boss, if all players have good equipment, 2~3 players can endure the attack from the boss. If the boss keeps attacking one player, he needs to run, and other players need to manage the hate of the boss by attacking him. When the boss uses Paralysis, and you don’t have enough HP, you’d better open all skill functions that can help you. By repeating this, the boss will die sooner or later.

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