Voyage Century: The Rise of Fleets

The new version of Voyage Century has a new special element called Fleet. This element is the basis of the Guilds and Merchant Alliances. Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to explain this new feature.
Find and join a fleet
One fleet can be founded by players who belong to a merchant alliance. Players need to hand 100 thousand silver coins to the Fleet Master in the center cities of 5 Alliances, but only up to 20 players can join the fleet. The players who apply for joining the fleet can’t belong to another fleet, but they can belong to an alliance. The players who belong to a guild can’t join a fleet founded by other guilds.
Quit and disband a fleet
The guild members can leave their guilds automatically after leaving their fleets. Two situations can cause the disbandment of a fleet: your fleet can’t afford the Fleet Funds 3 days in a row, and/or the fleet leader disbands the fleet. After that, all the members in the fleet will be forced to leave the guild automatically. All of the fleet and guild contributions will be wiped out.
Fleet Glory and funds
The initial fleet fund is 100 thousand silver coins; that amount will be reduced by 10 thousand everyday. A warning will pop up in the fleet channel if your fleet has less than 30 thousand silver coins or if there isn’t enough money for deduction. Each member of the fleet can hand fleet funds to the Fleet Master.
The fleet glory and funds can be obtained from fleet battles.
Fleet Quests
When the Fleet Master releases the daily fleet quests, members of the fleet can choose to accept the Fleet Leader’s offer. The quests require a profession level of 20. The fleet quests include Exploring New Continent, Free Slaves, Reykjavik Monster, Fight for Glory, and so on. Players will get tons of money and experience from the quests. 
The Fleet Battle event will be released soon.
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