Voyage Century: Turkey Hunting

Here is some good news for VCO ( players! A Turkey Hunting activity will be held in game to celebrate Thanksgiving Day!

Event Duration: Nov 21st until Nov 30th

Event Content:
The GM is looking for turkeys, because he wants to have a plump roasted bird ready on Thanksgiving Day. Players who can find the turkey the GM wants can obtain big rewards.

To obtain necessary activity items:
1. At the beginning of the activity, an NPC will sell the turkey’s favorite food (1.5million) and Pet First Aid Bags (1 million). So all participants should buy these items. (Items cannot be traded, discarded, or mailed.)
2. Players can also exchange Item Mall Credits for the items which the NPC sells. The Item Mall Credits can be obtained via the promoter system. These items can’t be traded, discarded, or mailed.

To obtain rewards:
1. Players should raise their turkeys to level 5 or above, and then redeem their rewards at an activity NPC before Nov 30th.
2. After the activity ends, GMs will select a lucky pet, and its master will be offered extra rewards.

Rewards Information:
Cooked Turkey: After eating it, players obtain money and reputation.
Pumpkin: After using it, players obtain one present.
Lucky Rewards: Players obtain one diamond coffer.

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