Voyage Century: Update Suggestions for New Version

Voyage Century ( is highly regarded by many players for its stunning graphics and overall quality of gameplay, but this game is a little difficult for beginners to get started. So here are some suggestions for those beginners.

1. After creating your characters, players usually have one Dragon Head Cannon Battleship, 4 pieces of equipment, 4 ornaments, and several thousand silver. They are all very useful for beginners, and you can’t just throw them away. The first thing you need to do is to buy another ship (Dragon Head Cannon Battleship is only suitable to be changed into a Battleship and a Fast Attack Ship). The Dragon Head Cannon Battleship is equal to a level 4-6 ship. In a word, players can’t look down on the equipment they have at the beginning of the game.

2. Some beginners usually make the mistake that they should have a very well equipped battleship even if they don’t have much money. If you only buy Cannonballs, you will become bankrupt very quickly.

3. Another mistake beginners usually make is to buy some luxury items. When you obtain some fragments of treasure maps, you should use them very carefully, because these fragments can only make 1% of people rich and 99% of people bankrupt.

4. Beginners are so eager to develop a Fast Attack Ship; as a result, they soon use up their limited materials and money. Unless you know how to obtain enough materials, you should hold off on developing your Fast Attack Ships.

5. Doing quests blindly and learning skills blindly will really waste precious time and hard-earned money. Beginners should ask more experienced players to teach them how to learn skills and more importantly which ones to learn first.

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