War between Empire and Union

Following the recent implementation of the new ‘Special Events’ features, which included ‘Diplomatic Improvement’ and ‘Diplomatic Decline’ among other events, faction relations between the Empire and Union dropped steadily in the Orion universe until war was declared. This is the first time in Pardus’ history that the Union has been involved in an open war.

Within minutes of the announcement the first casualties had already been recorded. As of now, just a couple days into the battle, much effort has been put into ship and building destructions by both sides. Many players anticipated this war and have been eager to get a taste of combat, some new war medals to add to their collections and some covert war missions under their belts. Others, wishing to avoid conflict, are fleeing to the relative safety of the neutral zone or Federation territories.

Regardless of faction affiliation, everyone in Pardus is eager to see how this unprecedented war will develop.

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