Wartune: New updates and events now available


TEEBIK GAMES is pleased to announce the publishing of the brand new version of the game Wartune on June 26, 2014! The company also introduces the two new updates of the game – “Gods Descent” and “Sylph Refine”.

The browser-based game Wartune is developed by 7th Road and is now hosted by Teebik Games. The players of the game will find themselves in the role of a Knight, Archer or Mage. They will have to lead 2 Mercenaries legions through a plotline that is fantasy-based. The aim of the game is to collect treasures, win battles and accumulate gold experience and different resources. The features of the game are many and a player can unlock them by passing different levels. The new additions to the game that are introduced by Teebik Games are ‘’Gods Descent’’ and ‘’Sylph Refine’’.

“Gods Descent” is a single PVE event. Once the event starts, the player needs to open a new panel by clicking on the icon and then the attack can begin by clicking on the portrait. The player who kills every BOSS will be awarded with one of the bonuses available: Star Tear Shard, Star Sand and points. Once the event is finished, the players are given more rewards which depend on their ranking. The Star Tear and Sand Star can be used for the refining of Sylphs. New Sylphs are found in the latest version 2.46-3. The new Sylphs are more powerful and have very advanced stats – more than the players have ever seen before.

Sylph Refine is the feature that allows the players to better their chosen Sylphs. The chosen Sylph can be refined according to the players’ desires and a preview is available so the player can see what the Sylph would look like after being refined. All skills and passed levels will transfer to the new Sylph, however, the aptitudes will only be passed on partially. All aptitudes can be passed on by spending some Balens. A Refined Sylph has better aptitude potential and powerful skills.

For more info, visit http://wartune.teebik.com/

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