Wonderland Online: Avatar & Signature Design Contest

Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com/) is a new adventure island game brought to you by IGG. One of the most important aspects of WLO is its vibrant player community. These players form bonds of friendship and camaraderie discussing strategy and exchanging tips and tricks in the forum. The best way to be instantly recognizable in this community is to have a unique Forum Avatar and Forum Signature.

Description and Rules:

1. The design of the avatar and signature can be done in any style, but it must be transferred to the computer if done on paper. Styles can include but are not limited to hand drawing, water color or using art software like Photoshop.
2. Works must be related to the game and not concerned with politics, violence or sex. Qualifications can and will be cancelled if this rule is violated.
3. The size of your work must be: Avatar: 90*80 / Signature: 500*100.
4. All works must be original and sent to the appointed event address in the form of an image. Select “Avatar & Signature” as the post’s subject.
5. http://wl.igg.com must be featured in the work somewhere.
6. The final results will be based on player’s votes and IGG officials opinions.
7. Winner’s works will be displayed on the IGG official website for a week.
8. IGG reserves the right to ownership of all works.

Event Location: Event Zone

Event Duration: June 2 — June 17 (GMT-5)

Judgment day: June 18 — June 22 (GMT-5)


Most Creative Award: (3) 7,777gold
Hawaiian Man Voucher
(It can make a Hawaiian Man become your companion)
Most Artistic Award: (3) 7,777gold
Hawaiian Peri Card
(It can make a Hawaiian Peri become your companion)
Excellent Award: (20) 777gold
Dark Chocolate (Increases the pet’s amity slightly)

For more detailed info visit the official website http://wl.igg.com/

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