Wonderland Online: Time for Open Beta Confirmed

Voyage Century (http://vc.igg.com) will be launching the Deep-sea Fishing rod exchange event so players can go fishing. Deep-sea Fishing rod is one of the top fishing tools in VC, and as you probably know the level of your fishing tools determines the success rate for obtaining top items, so the top fishing tools are always in great demand.

Recently, a player bid 15000 (omg!) credits to buy Deep-sea Fishing rod. This is far higher than the most expensive mall item. Well in order to thank this player for his support of our game, we will reward him with 15001 credits.

After we release the Deep-sea Fishing rod exchange event, players only need to pay 500 credits to get the item. We hope our players have fun with it.

Voyage Century will continue respecting all players’ suggestions and thoughts, and making responses as quickly as we can. Offering our players the best service is always our goal.

For more, please visit here: http://vc.igg.com/content.php?news_id=880.

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