Wonderland Online: Vehicle Designs Revealed

IGG (www.igg.com) is releasing detailed information on obtaining the coolest new vehicles for Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com).

Boat Design
Activation Location: Civilian’s House of Welling Village
Reward: Boat Design
Activation Item: Chest
Quest process: Enter the civilian’s house and click the chest, the NPC will ask players to answer questions, if players answer correctly, they will obtain a boat design.

Raft Design
Activation Location: Civilian’s House of Welling Village
Reward: Raft Design
Activation NPC: Tark
Quest process: Use 3 Lauans to exchange for the Raft Design with Tark.

Hot-air Balloon Plan
Activation Location: Holy Village
Reward: Hot-air Balloon Design
Activation Item: Darkness Spirit
Quest process: Talk with the little boy behind the Weaponry in Holy Village and find a hidden path near the big tree to the right. Defeat Darkness Spirit [Earth]
Level: 60 HP: 7200 Click the chest to obtain the plan.

Jalor Design
Activation Location: Cathedral of Holy Village
Reward: Jalor Design, Star
Activation NPC: Abba
Quest process: Enter the Cathedral and then be teleported to the village head’s house. Talk to him and leave. The housekeeper will tell players the whereabouts of the key. Find the key and return to the Cathedral. Enter the second room of Cathedral cellar and rescue the villager after defeating the Guard [Fire] Level: 28, HP: 307
Click Abba in the Cathedral and the second battle will begin. Obtain the Jalor Design after defeating the Guard[Fire] Level:26, HP: 276..

Spacecraft Design
Activation Location: Civilian’s House of Welling Village
Reward: Spacecraft Design, 10% EXP Capsule
Activation NPC: Huge Image
Quest process: This quest falls into two phases.
Phase 1: Enter the village leader’s house, accept the Battle in the Crater of the Volcano and get [10% EXP Capsule and Statue key]. Fire Dragon[Fire] Level: 60 HP:30000, Wind Dragon[Water and Wind] Level: 30 HP:10000
Phase 2: Find the Huge Image at the bottom left of Revival Isle, then enter the statue and touch the button inside the left bottom, the battle will begin.
8 Moai Level:90 HP:1000.
After winning, click the word on the war and fight the Big Moai. Having defeated Big Moai, open the chest.
Moai Level: 90[Wind, Fire, Water and Earth] HP:1000, Huge Moai Level 135: HP: 22000.

Mighty Plane Design
Activation Location: Oslya
Reward: Mighty Plane Design, Spar
Activation NPC: Wright
Quest process: Go to the second cave on the left of Oslya and reach the peak. Watch the plane crash and give the Propeller and Wing to Wright.

Steam Ship Design
Activation Location: Entrance to South Pole
Reward: Steam Ship Design
Activation NPC: Captain
Quest process: Get to the entrance of the South Pole and there is a teleportation spot in the upper left. Enter it and talk with the Captain, then the battle will begin. After winning, give the Steam Engine and Large Assembly Tools to the Captain.

Besides these above, there are still more vehicle designs waiting for players to discover.

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