World of Warcraft: Is it hype or substance?

World of Warcraft Highmaul Spores

I finally came back to World of Warcraft. It’s been a few months since I really sat down to play it, because Warlords of Draenor had an interesting concept, but a boring and tedious fucking inception. I liked the idea of seeing all my favorite Warlords and Chieftains mixing it up in a higher definition battleground than Warcraft 2. But ultimately? It was way grindier than I anticipated, and most of the content bored me to absolute tears. Slowly, I watched all the green fire begin to envelop the world. Green is my favorite color, and the green warlock fire is pretty awesome. But when the only colors I see are black and green all the time, I’m going to begin to hate it. I hope that isn’t all I see in Legion.  But Warlords is over; two underwhelming expansions in a row! That’s not a good look, Blizzard. I love you guys, I do. I love World of Warcraft, but if it’s not good, I’m not going to lie to anyone and say I think it is.

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But what do I think of this pre-expansion event? The Invasions? I hate it on a PVP server, because the first few days were just people murdering each other instead of working together. This time last year, I was grumbling about the “Iron Incursion”, wanting to enjoy it but finding myself unable to. But even though I chose to be on a PVP server, I enjoy this event. There are little things I like. There’s cool cosmetic stuff, but the best thing: My grossly undergeared characters can catch up and be ready for the expansion. Demon Hunters can get ready, learn their class, my Mage which I’ve had since vanilla, Ragachak, is getting ready! Since Blizzard doesn’t care about Paladins, guess he gets to sit on the shelf for a bit and just do old-world raids. Even if they are slow as balls now thanks to the Pally changes. Now to figure out who to heal as, who to DPS as. I don’t really tank, but maybe this will be the time. Honestly? I’m excited for this story to be told. I also have been enjoying streaming WoW, something I haven’t done before! This occurs on the Facebook and occasionally over at The Bottom Tier. I haven’t been this excited since Burning Crusade. Are you guys hyped? Is it just a flash in the pan? Would you rather go play Everquest 2? Let me know!

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