World War Breakouts at Voyage Century

World War soon will breakouts at Voyage Century. The warriors all around the world coming here for the common target—-they are gonna to strive themselves for their country, for the justice and their truly dream.
But how can this World War happen? It could turn back to the Great Continent in 15 century when English establish the eastern India Company. The turkey monopolizes the only land way to the East. In this situation, who control the water way, who will monopolize the economy on the sea. The European countries, like Netherlands, France, Spain and England are all eager for it. An extensive world war is underway….
In Voyage Century the time goes back and the history of the magnificent situation of the great geography discovery of the navigation age reappears, when the European naval forces looked for century for a commercial route to the mysterious continent in the east.
Then the World War—-siege war is unavoidable. Due to years of management in Voyage Century, guilds all over the world grew stronger and stronger. Some guilds even exceeded the king’s power so that the king became a puppet and didn’t have the ability to protect his country. How to solve this problem? The king decided to entrust some big guilds in Voyage Century to control and protect his city. To the big guild in Voyage Century, this is a great opportunity for them. They can control the city and obtain important military materials from the country. So, Siege War is crucial to the development of guilds. The kings of other countries also realize the cabal and follow. Thus, an age of cabal, opportunity and chaos befalls.
Your join will make a difference to the war. In Voyage Century the World War is coming around the corner. Do you want to join this war and devote yourself to your country? Do you want to fight in the line with your compatriots at the frontier or join the strategy-making? Maybe you miss the first city launching,but it doesn’t matter. You can join the war at any time for other cities. You may miss the election for the main force, but you can also become the stronger backup force, the indispensable part in the war. Also, it is the amount of the membership that a very important aspect in appraising the war results. So hurry on join us in Voyage Century.
Every individual must hold himself responsible for the prosperity of his country. War is the catalyzer of human civilization. War makes individual brave. World War in Voyage Century is not a singe battle but the war of justice, the war of patriotism. For the honor of your country, warriors go fight!
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