WYD Global Offers Players a Lovely February

It’s a Lovely February in WYD Global



With Your Destiny


T3Fun today announced WYD Global’s lineup of events for the month of February. Players, both old and new, can enjoy a fun-filled February with lots of mini-events, free items, and free costumes.



Love Me or Hate Me

WYD Global spices up February with seven mystery mini-events that will only be announced during Thursdays. Players can either register for free or buy for a reservation for the events. The event is open to any character regardless of level or class.



Exclusive Costumes for Operators and Chiefs

WYD Global wants to send its love to its hardworking operators and chiefs by giving them free Black Uniform and White Uniform. These costumes can be requested by the operators and chiefs as part of their Monthly Salary. These can be equipped regardless of character gender or class.



With Your Destiny


Get More Out Of Your Tcoins

Love is a two-way process. What will February for WYD Global be if a two-way process called love does not exist? WYD Global is giving back the love it has received from its players. As it has promised, WYD Global will hold an event for players participating in the Premium Upgrade event to be able to use their respective Premium Points.



On the first part of the event, players will be able to exchange their Premium Points with an option that they can insert to their weapon of choice. On the second part of the event, players will be able to earn two points of Premium Points for every 1,000 Tcoins purchased. On the third part of the event, players will get free items through purchasing limited pack items.



WYD Global happily celebrates the month of love with its players this February. As a form of loving back, WYD Global launched these events in order to thank its players for the continuous support and appreciation it has received throughout its years of service as an MMO—and in no way Is WYD Global stopping its continuous effort to give a bigger and better service to its players. The year 2012 continues to get better and better for players of WYD Global!

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