Xing Tian’s Mountain Charity Challenge

SMITE Xing Tian's Mountain Mode Trailer

From September 15th-October 3rd, we’ll be some of the fine folks participating in the Xing Tian Mountain Charity Challenge. HiRez Studios invited several content creators to climb their leaderboard, where the top of the heap will send 20,000 dollars to their chosen charity. Youtubers, streamers, press were invited to this event, and MMOHuts/OnRPG were as well. They chose Bottom Tier, their video/stream team and Jason and Colton gladly picked up the gauntlet and ran with it. The charity we are playing for is Connor’s Cure, which fights pediatric cancer. Everyone who participates will be donating at least 1,000 dollars to their charity, but here’s the top three breakdown:

1st: 20,000 dollars
2nd: 10,000 dollars
3rd: 5,000 dollars

It was simply an honor to be invited to participate in this event, and the way it works is fairly simple. The winner will be determined by how far they climb and points accumulated. Depending on how many stages you survive, you earn x amount of points [+100 for completion, +10 per surviving player, +1 per  second remaining on the clock]. All players are resurrected as long as one person succeeds in the stage, you get all HP/MP restored as well as all cooldowns reset. You team can pick anyone they own [except Xing Tian], and you start at level 13, 7500 gold.  There are fifteen challenges, but they can appear more than once! The challenges vary and the further up the mountain you climb, the harder they will be. What sorts of things exist?

  • Just The Two of Us: Vamana and Ra stand here, waiting. Once one is killed, the other enrages. Ra as an example, has 0 cooldown on his ult when Vamana dies.
  • RIP The Dream: Standard fight versus Artemis, Hercules, Ra, Thor, Ymir
  • Behind You: Loki is alone, and focuses whoever has the lowest health always. Everytime he vanishes, his decoy appears in several spots around the target. After they explode, he tries to Assassinate/attack them, then he rinses and repeats.

It’s very challenging, but it’s simply an honor to be a part of the action at all. You can go to the Smite Website to follow the action on their leaderboard, where we will be represented by Ragachak. No matter who wins, everyone does because of the sheer amount of money that is going to charity, so kudos to HiRez studios for the wonderful opportunity. We will be streaming our progress over at the Bottom Tier stream as well as the OnRPG Facebook Page!

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