Zero: Expansion Preview

We are excited to announce that the new expansion for Zero Online is already on its way! A new galactic war will burst forth onto this expanding horizon. What awaits the Alliance pilots up ahead? Will there be new dangers or great opportunities? All will be answered in time!
New Features:
1. Unit Fusion
It is said that the Alliance has developed a new skill that can allow the primary unit to fuse with the ARMs and create a new, even more powerful unit, with speed and power far beyond your imagination. Whoever can wield this will be amazed by its unparalleled strength and power. According to the report, the incredible skill will be put into place in the near future.
2. Hyper-Energy Research
The fierce battles never cease, and the threat of Othello always exists. In order to improve the pilots’ battle abilities, the alliance has invested a lot of funding and resources in developing new technologies and skills to turn the tide of war in our favor. Now the Hyper-energy Institute has begun new research. The scientists and engineers are trying to break the traditional sci-tech theory, and develop a series of brand new projects and abilities.
3. Expanding Zones
After the galaxy has faced nearly a millennia of war, the known planets have become like wastelands, including Neptune, the Ocean, the Moon…All their resources have been destroyed by the Othello invaders. The Alliance pilots have to explore new planets with the hope of finding new resources to use in battle. The discovery of the new zones will bring rich resources to the Alliance, however the Othello will never stop the invasion. They are trying to obtain these new resources, as well. The battle is reaching an apex, merely waiting for the catalyst needed to send it over the edge.
The Expanding Horizon awaits you to explore, research, and bring honor to your kind. Take your time to train hard and prepare for the new challenges awaiting you on May 22, 2009.
Keep in mind that this is not everything to be released, so keep watching for more details as they are revealed later! Stay tuned!
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