Zero Online: What Will We Have in November?

Want to rescue your friends and apprentices when they are in jeopardy? Want to trade with your trade partners whenever you need? Want to instantly join the battle with your fleet or squad members? Or maybe you want to take revenge to your enemies for what they’ve done to you? Apparently, all these will be nonsense because of distance.

Let me introduce you something: Space Teleport System.
If your potency ranks top 50 of any server, you will be our VIP. You are authorized to be teleported to the players mentioned above instantly, that is, for instant, you don’t have to check your enemies’ coordinates and follow them. As you long as you get well prepared, you can let them pay for they deeds whenever you want!

Inner cabin is an important space for each unit. Sometimes, if you check other units’ inner cabin, the only word you may come up with is DISORDER. Now you can help them tidy up their cabins. More importantly, that is a new way for you to make profits.

In order to prevent using bots in the game, you may need to do some simple sums during playing the game from next month. If you can’t get the right answers for 3 times successively, you will be put into the bot jail.

From November, medical infantry units can learn skills and transform into bug forms: rearhorse, hornet, dragonfly, grasshopper, sand worm and scorpion! Unit’s supreme level will be upgraded to level 188! You can have 10 more lottery chances each day. In addition, 2 new spacecraft missions will be available for you to carry on!

Double EXP Weekend
Time: November 8th – 9th
Level: All Levels
Reward: Double EXP

Crystals! Crystals!
Time one: November 15th 19:00 – 21:00
Time two: November 16th 09:00 – 11:00
Level: All Levels
Reward: Rose Quartz, Sapphires, Amethysts

A contest about crystal will be held during this weekend.
The pilot who can get the most crystal bags will be awarded with all the Rose Quartz, Sapphires and Amethysts in the bags as well as an awesome gift!

The Hidden Traitors
Time one: November 22nd 19:00 – 21:00
Time two: November 23rd 09:00 – 11:00
Level: All Levels
Reward: Galaxy Gold

Warning! Warning! We’ve just got the intelligence that there are some spies among the Alliance’s pilots! What’s worse, they’ve broken into our unit arsenal! Steal? Destroy? No one knows what they will commit! We strongly suggest all pilots help the Alliance find out the hidden traitors!

Alliance Carnival – by request
Time: November 27th – 28th
Level: Above Level 80
Reward: Alliance Gift

Most pilots must have got lots of awesome gifts from the huge big box on Steel Warship in October. But we are sure that some of you missed the carnival and feel regretful. Don’t worry, here comes the chance! At the end of November, the Alliance will prepare another carvival for you! On top of that, try your best to make sure that you’ve reached level 80!

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