Zero Online: What’s New in April?

April is coming! It will be a special month for all the Alliance pilots. We have prepared a lot of unique events and fantastic prizes for our soldiers, such as double exp, Easter eggs, Academy recruitment, and the veteran return.
Moreover, the VIP function will be available in April too! You’ll have a chance to enjoy exclusive services, including remote warehouse and repair, free cores, etc.
VIP Services
Once you have credited $150 US or more in TQ points cards, you will be eligible to become a VIP member.
As one of our very important people, you are able to enjoy the following services, designed especially for VIPs:
1) Access to the warehouse wherever you are.
2) Repairing your equipment whenever you need it done.
3) Spend a meteor to upgrade your equipment by 2 or more levels.
4) Able to travel to battlefields from any location.
5) Claim free cores everyday.
6) More chances for the core purchase program.
7) Have a 50% chance of getting revived at the PK tournament field.
8) Ignore the seat limit for spaceship missions. That is, you always have the ability to take your favorite missions no matter how many pilots have joined.
9) View the Super Mall.
Of course, the VIP system has different levels. The higher the VIP level is, the more privileges you can enjoy. The VIP details will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!
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