Zero: What’s new in March

Extreme Rehearsal
Time  March 7th – March 8th
Level  Above Level 130
Reward  Alliance Material Pack, Winner Honor Pack, Traveler Pack
Energy is the most important resource in the universe. That’s why the Othellonians make every effort to occupy the planets in the Galaxy. The Alliance requires all the pilots with transformable units to take part in this extreme rehearsal. Your mission is to protect the Energy Towers from being destroyed by the tanks.
Piglet Carnival
Time  March 21st – March 22nd
Level  All Levels
Reward  EXP, Carnival Packs
The Piglet will be back to the Steel Warship again in March! You must have obtained some gifts from this sweet guy last year. This time, you still need to follow the Piglet and pick up the packs it may drop. Be patient and keep alert.
Universal Ammunition
In the war against the Othellonians, you’d better equip different kinds of weapons to take care of different enemies. Before fighting on the battlefields, Artillery pilots need to make sure that they have prepared enough ammunition in the cabin for their guns. As there are 5 kinds of guns for the Artillery units, you may have to take different ammunitions wherever you go before you pull the trigger. The Universal Ammunition will solve this problem!
Cutting-Edge A.R.Ms
Your A.R.Ms (Automated Reserve Mech) must be of great help in the war. You will never feel desperate even if your main unit is completely destroyed. Nevertheless, there is a really small imperfection: all the ARMs look the same when floating on your both sides. In March, the Alliance will provide 3 kinds of Cutting-Edge ARMs for all the pilots.
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