City of Heroes MetaÂ’s Verse: Producer’s Letter 1.0

City of Heroes Meta’s Verse: Producer’s Letter 1.0


Something new was started on January 10th, 2011. A monthly letter from the Producer to us, the fans and loyal minions. A lot was covered in this short letter and at the same time it seems like they’ve done nothing more than say thanks and to inform everyone that more is coming.


First, before the letter even began we were given an introduction to our new Producer, Nate Birkholz, aka Second Measure. Jesse Caceres, aka Ghost Falcon announced he would be joining the suits on the Business team with the introduction of Second Measure who is stepping into his job.


The letter started talking about all the new things that had come out recently. The new animations, the new art, the characters…well the list could go on forever. Needless to say if you haven’t noticed anything new in City of Heroes recently you haven’t been playing. “…early this year, we’re going to be giving you a pretty “wild” new look, and later this year we’ll turn up the pressure.” I’m not really sure what either of these mean but I’m excited about it! Wild can never be a bad thing. And the number of things it could refer to have left me sitting here wasting fifteen minutes while I gleefully think of the possibilities. (My favourite is the animal booster pack…or maybe its something more to do with Praetorian Devouring Earth…anyway.) Woo! New stuff! Turning up the pressure…I honestly have no idea what that could possibly mean. Still, all around exciting stuff!


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You can’t talk about the future of the game without discussing the next upcoming issues. Which sadly weren’t named yet. But we did get a general idea of what would be in them. In Issue 20 we will see Incarnate trials which will open up the next levels of Incarnateness. And Issue 21 will continue storylines that have already been started. I think I speak for a large population of City of Heroes when I say I hope that means Praetoria.


The second most exciting news to come the letter (no I haven’t said the first yet) is that the Rare and Very Rare tiers of the Alpha slot will be released in “just a few short weeks.” For anyone who eats up new content the moment it comes out this is exciting news as we’ve now had the first to tiers of the Alpha slot for some time now and we’re ready for more! Yep, this means more task forces and Hamidon raids.


Good news for anyone who plays more than one NCsoft game and well everyone else too really. City of Heroes will be added to the NCsoft Launcher. This will bring improvements in downloading the game and the updates. Anyone who has had to download the client more than once can tell you that this is a blessing. It will also bring the various communities closer together. There is no release date on this so mark it in your calendar as a “SoonTM


Due to popular demand more information will be released about the Praetorian Hamidon at PAX East this year. That’s mid March for anyone who is wanting to keep track. Maybe now we can finally find out about the random tentacles that can be spotted beyond the borders of Praetoria. Or where that mysterious road, the only road out of Praetoria leads to. I for one will be watching the news coming out of PAX for this in particular.


Because 2010 was such a busy year with so many things going on it seemed like the crew had stopped paying attention. This simply wasn’t the case, and it’s the New Years Resolution of everyone to be more vocal on the forums. This really is the best outlet for getting yourself heard. And now, maybe if you’re lucky and have been a good boy or girl you’ll get a red name answering your post.

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As this letter will be a monthly thing, Second Measure is asking that you, me and even little Snuflé go on the forums and say what you’d like to see in future letters. This is an exciting new way to keep in touch with the people who are making our second home a place that we all might just move to and make our only homes. Sure, who needs real life anyway, right?


The Seventh Anniversary of City of Heroes will be here soon. Of course we didn’t get told anything about it other than the fact that it will be this Spring. But you know what, that’s ok. I am ok with not knowing something. Because, what I’ve saved for last, what is my number one absolute best thing about this letter is…..


Double XP Weekend has been announced for January 27th-31st.


Yep, that’s a Thursday to a Monday. I really do love how the folks at Paragon Studios define a weekend. I wish I could get weekends off like that! So get planning now folks!


If you want to read the whole letter or even post some ideas on the forums go to


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