City of Heroes MetaÂ’s Verse: Striking

City of Heroes Meta’s Verse: Striking


This week in the wonderful world of City of Heroes Black Scorpion released an announcement on the official forums about some new exciting things to come. Now, I know what you’re thinking… this is maybe what the third week in a row of good news and awesomeness? How much more can we possibly take!? Well, the answer is lots. Because really who hates good news? I’m a glass half full type of girl. And right now my glass is spilling over. The news that came out last Thursday is nothing but more awesome from our dev crew. By now you must be screaming at me, “Meta just tell us the good news!” And maybe I will, or maybe I’ll just keep teasing you about it.


Of course if I did that then my editor would find someone to replace me and we don’t want that! So I suppose, since I know this is what you’re all really interested in, here it is, straight from Black Scorpion’s mouth.


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“In early February we are launching an update to Issue 19 called the Strike Pack. The Strike Pack introduces the Weekly Strike Target and the Rare and Very Rare tiers of the Incarnate Alpha Slot.”


Strike Pack, Weekly Strike Target, Rare and Very Rare tiers? Ok so most of you might already know what the last to are and be awaiting them eagerly just like me. But those first two? Something completely new.


Unlike what the name suggests this isn’t another Booster Pack. I know we’re all used to seeing the word pack referring to a mash up of costumes and a nifty power or two that do fun things. But that isn’t the case this time. There’s nothing for you to buy, no new costumes or powers. This is merely a mid issue change, I might even go so far as to call it a long running event. Or Issue 19.5 as much of the fanbase has been referring to it.  Which brings me to the weekly strike target: It sounds mysterious, and awesome and new. But it isn’t! It’s the same task forces and strike forces we already have. However every week a task force and a strike force will be the targets of the week.


The first time you do the specified task for that week you get double the merits and “a bunch of additional XP.” Every time you do the task of the week after that for the week you’ll earn progress towards a new badge. These will be repeatable as many times as you want and the first time rule isn’t account wide! That means you can run the specified task on one character then alt to another and get double the rewards all over again. The tasks will be changed every Tuesday morning, most likely with the regular server downtime. These will be insanely popular, so even if you aren’t in with a crowd that enjoys doing task forces, either they will during this time or you won’t have any trouble finding a PUG.


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At the same time this is going on the rare and very rare tiers of the alpha slot will be released. But! (Yes, I know there’s always a but.) The only way to craft the rare and very rare tiers is by collecting “Notice of the Well.” How does one get this notice? By running the strike target of the week on an already incarnate able character. It will take only one to craft the rare slots. But for the very rare, you’ll have to save them up to make a “Favor of the Well” bonus. Once Issue 20 comes out this will change, there will be more ways to collect Notice but until then the only way to do it is by running the weekly task/strike force. When you have your rare or very rare tiers slotted you will experience a level boost.


Yes, that is that one XP you’ve been waiting for to ding 51! This won’t mean more hit points or a change in your speed though. It just relates to how much damage you put out, control and other level dependent things.


Black Scorpion ends his announcement adding that more detailed information will be coming out in the following weeks. I think I might need a bucket.


City of Heroes Surrounded

More good news! I know, you thought I was done. That I’d run off to get a bucket for my overflowing cup of joy. But there’s more to say! Two new veteran badges are coming out, and they are awesome. The 81 month badge called “Uncompromising” will include a power called Return to Battle. A self rez that will give you a full bar of health and endurance as well as give you a couple large inspiration buffs for your troubles. Of course its going to have a bit of a cool down time. One that sadly isn’t announced. But really, you can’t complain about a free self rez power. The 84 month badge is being called Loyal Customer. And while the name may seem like a bit of a cheat, what comes with it more than makes up for it. Remote access to the auction house. Its just a slash command, no pretty power to sit in your tray but who cares! This way you never have to worry about your pockets being too full again. Just type in /auctionhouse in the middle of a mission, on a task force or anywhere. And problem solved! Unless of course your market is full. Which is always troubling.


The biggest let down for me is the fact that I won’t get those badges for another four years. And in that time who knows what else they’ll come out with that I must have!


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Allow me to remind you all one last time that this weekend is Double XP Weekend. We haven’t had one in nearly a year and its about time we do! I hope you all asked for time off work and school so you could take part in the extended weekend of XP goodness. If you didn’t, well that’s ok too. There will be plenty going on all weekend for all. Good luck this weekend, and if you see me about the city be sure to give me a shout.



Meta’s Verse is written by Meticulous Meta who lives in Atlas Park with her dog Snuflé

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