Domo Interview – with Jax Chou, Producer

Domo Interview – with Jax Chou, Producer
Questions by OnRPG
Answered by Jax Chou, DOMO Producer

OnRPG: Will your version of DOMO be any different than the European version?

Yes! We’ve made a serious effort to make DOMO have a more Americanized feel. Our creative department has added a few pop culture references here and there where we felt it would add a chuckle or two. We’ve also been hard at work writing new quests exclusive to the North American audience for future use. We are also adding the Hunter class for our version. The Hunter class (currently) is available in our version and the Asian versions of DOMO. Also, players who help out in the closed beta will receive a special collector’s item. Aeria Games has a large and friendly player base who are extremely enthusiastic about DOMO. They can’t wait to get their hands on it. Expect GMs to play an important role in organizing events and assisting players both in and out of game.

OnRPG: Can players expect it to be close to the same version in Taiwan?
While trying to Americanize the game, we’ve also tried to keep the game true to its roots. There’s a lot of mythology in DOMO that is truly Eastern and trying to alter that would break the flow of the game. So, yes, for the most part, gameplay will closely resemble the original.

OnRPG: What will be done to discourage bot programs and such?
We have always felt the community is best at policing its own games. Much like a neighborhood watch program, our players are our eyes and ears at all times. When they speak, we listen closely. Players have always done a wonderful job at reporting incidents such as bots, spammers and exploiters to us. We actively peruse any and all reports of behavior that would disrupt the enjoyment of the community. We also have our own internal methods that alert us to fraudulent activities.

OnRPG: Given glut of free games coming out, what drew your company into licensing DOMO?
Compared with the other titles in our stable, DOMO is really unique. Sure, the free to play MMO market is indeed increasing and it seems every time you turn around there is a new player in the market… but overall, we’re happy to see new ideas being presented to the game industry as a whole.

We admit that DOMO might make some players scratch their heads. But after a bit of time reviewing the game -in a language that no one here could read- we were convinced that DOMO could be a hit. We all felt that we were in the position to bring DOMO to North America and make it successful not only for Aeria Games, but for fans as well. Despite some head-scratchers, we believe that DOMO has a wide appeal. It should provide an amazing gameplay experience for our players, regardless of gender or generation. Whether you are a casual player or lean more to the hardcore style, there really is something for everyone.

OnRPG: How many characters are players allowed per account?
Players are allowed 2 characters per accounts, but have the ability to change job and classes at will. This option may very well change in the future to add more characters. Players can also delete characters whenever they choose.

OnRPG: Can you explain the human relationship system in more detail?
In other games, you find players you want to team up and go. The only benefit to teaming up in those games is the power in numbers. In DOMO, the characters created by players can develop most close relationships beyond just “hi, how are you?” Through the use of in-game items, players are able to deepen their relationships with each other. DOMO offers three types of human relationships: Teacher and Student, Friends, and Lovers. By the use of Dream Stones, relationships can be increased and new skills can be obtained. Different relationships interact differently and it’s these differences that should get players charged up about finding new friends. Building personal relationships with other players should be boon for DOMO players.

OnRPG: When reading up on DOMO, I stumbled across the destiny system, how does this work?
The themes for “Dream of Mirror Online” tend to revolve around destiny versus creation. Because of this, the game will preset some destined characters for each player when they create new characters. Those preset characters will form the players’ destined relationships. Again, these destined relationships are set at the start of the game, so once you make it to the main game world, your destiny is set; there’s no going back.

Through the course of game play, players will be drawn towards their destined match; it could be for love, work, or a rival. The game itself makes these matches with the given data so players will never know who their match is. It’s just one more feature to encourage social interaction within DOMO.

OnRPG: How will all the tradeskills work?
We don’t want to give too much away, but there are many different types of tradeskills. Some are used for improving weapons capabilities and others for making useful items. Players will be able to go out into the world and “farm” for all sorts of material. Players can fish, use pickaxes for mining, hatchets for forestry, and many more skills. What they collect than then either be sold, or in some cases, used to make something else.

OnRPG: What sorts of plans do you have for the item mall?
Players can expect A LOT of variety from the item mall. In addition to great deals on popular items, players can expect a new outfit every month. We’ll also introduce special weapons, accessories, and consumable items. Of course, we will listen carefully to our community and work closely with our developer to deliver the most requested items on a regular basis.

OnRPG: Can we expect to see GMs take an active role in game management and events?Absolutely! GMs are the backbone of the company. Without them there is no community. We see our GMs as vital in maintaining a positive and working relationship with our players. Expect GMs to run events daily, interact with players in game, and contribute over all to the feel of the game.

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