Eden Eternal Interview: More than Cute Looks?

Eden Eternal Interview – More than Cute Looks?

Questions by Robert Chen (Cinderboy), OnRPG Journalist
Answers by Stephanie Cox


Aeria Games, one of North America’s top MMO publishers, recently announced its latest MMO in its stable, Eden Eternal. Developed by the creators of Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal’s main feature is to allow each character to access over 10 classes at anytime. Other than the unique class system, is Eden Eternal simply just another cute-looking anime game? Or is there actually a mean bite beneath its sugar-coated surface? Let’s find out.


Eden Eternal Preview Interview


Cinderboy: Hello, this is Robert (Cinderboy) from OnRPG. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?


Hi, my name is Stephanie Cox and I’m a Release Associate for Aeria Games. Currently, my team is preparing Eden Eternal for its upcoming Closed Beta testing period.


Cinderboy: Aeria Games have worked with Taiwan developer, X-Legend for a few games now. Why the decision to continue publishing the company’s work?


As a company, we strive to bring the best online gaming experience available to our passionate community, who’ve come to expect top notch, free-to-play entertainment from Aeria Games. X-Legends has demonstrated their commitment to respecting our company values while thoroughly supporting our launch efforts, which has helped set the foundation for what’s become a successful partnership for both our companies.


Cinderboy: What makes Eden Eternal stand out from Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga?


When it comes to features and gameplay, Eden Eternal is actually quite different from KS and GF. Not only are the graphics a step up, but Eden Eternal also offers more in-depth combat, questing, and guild features. Eden Eternal is stocked with more maps, extra classes (and class switching system), player towns, a Need-or-Greed loot feature and an innovative dye system as well.



Cinderboy: The English MMO market is not short of cute, anime-styled games. What led Aeria Games into choosing Eden Eternal as the company’s latest title to release?


We were blown away by the depth of gameplay in Eden Eternal. Not only will anime fans love the rich, vibrant graphics, but hardcore gamers will be able to look beyond the cartoon exterior to discover a highly involved, innovative MMORPG. Other anime-style games might be appealing superficially, but we’re confident Eden Eternal has enough unique features to keep players coming back for more.


Eden Eternal Preview Interview


Cinderboy: Are there any worries that players will leave the other 2 games from X-Legend?


Not really. All of our games attract a unique audience of dedicated players. Eden Eternal’s focus on in-depth MMORPG elements will likely appeal to a different crowd than those games. Also, it’s not unusual for members of our community to enjoy multiple games simultaneously from our diverse catalog.


Cinderboy: Can you briefly describe to us the storyline of Eden Eternal and how players play a part in it?


Long ago, all the races set sail from various corners of the horizon, eventually landing one by one on a new continent. At first, each race co-existed in harmony, until differing values within the peoples fractured their once-peaceful relations. The players enter the story as part of a mysterious group of heroes, dubbed the Eternal Guardians, who have recently appeared in the land. Foretold in an ancient legend, these new supernatural beings are prophesied to bring ‘Eden Eternal’ to citizens of this war-torn world.


Cinderboy: How many races and classes will be available in the Closed Beta and Open Beta phases?


During Closed Beta and Open Beta, the human race and 12 classes are available to players. Beyond that, we will follow a schedule of content releases, including level cap increases, additional playable races, and more classes.


Cinderboy: How long a gap is Aeria Games planning before the next race and new classes are released after the initial launch?


Players won’t have to wait long for more races and classes. However, the specific dates are not yet available.


Eden Eternal Preview Interview


Cinderboy: The availability of a multitude of classes at once is a lot for players to take in. Are there any concerns that players might not get used to it?


The class swapping system is intuitive to learn and adds so much value to your gameplay experience that we think players will become very attached to it, and instead find it difficult to re-adjust to single class MMORPGs!


Cinderboy: How does the class change system basically work? Will players be able to change into another class wherever they are, even during PvP?


The only restrictions are that a player cannot switch classes during combat, and there is a 20-second cool down period between transformations. Beyond that, players can freely transform between all unlocked classes, anytime, anywhere.


Cinderboy: There seems to be quite a number of things to level up, including character level and the class levels. Will leveling become a chore early on in the game?


Your character’s active class levels up whenever your character levels up, so it’s less work than it sounds to meet the prerequisites for additional classes. You’ll unlock the main classes early on, and then you can take a more focused approach.


Cinderboy: Each player is basically training various classes in one character, each with different weapons and armor. Is it a concern that players will get tired of hunting for so many equipments and get jaded?


Since many weapons and equipment are usable by more than one class, players aren’t forced to extensively deck out a class just to try it out. Beyond that, we expect players to choose a few of their favorite classes to customize and gear up. So many class and gear options add an extra element of personalization to the game, but are designed not to become a tedious requirement for players.


Cinderboy: Which method will provide more experience points and items: Killing open world monsters, clearing instances or from questing?


Hard to say, since there are various levels and sizes for all three gameplay elements. Speaking in general, for the overall game you’ll probably receive the most experience and items from questing, just because there are so many quests. Completing the entire story will keep players busy for a long time.


Cinderboy: I understand that other than a mutual duel, there will be an upcoming Battlefield feature which is currently without any information. Any teasers for our readers on how the system works?


We can tell you that players will not have to wait long before their PvP options are expanded. There will be multiple PvP battlefields, ranging from small team fights to larger scale wars, each with their own unique map and rules. We cannot give any specifics on unreleased features, but we encourage you to keep an eye on the website for upcoming news.


Eden Eternal Preview Interview


Cinderboy: Another feature which is missing details will be the guild and town building system. Are these 2 features linked together?


Towns are an extension to the Guild System. Established guild leaders can apply for a town building permit.



Cinderboy: To what scale and extent can these towns actually be built to and how do they benefit players?


Towns present the opportunity to house your own NPC staff of merchants, who play an integral part in upgrades, crafting, and quests in Eden Eternal. Many of these NPCs cannot be found outside of guild Towns. Also, there are only 5 slots for buildings per guild town, but there are a lot more than 5 possible buildings. Players are encouraged to visit other Towns to utilize the full range of Town buildings and merchants. Also, guilds earn money by charging a tax rate for Town visitors. But, likewise, you’ll have to pay a tax to any outside Towns you visit.


Eden Eternal Preview Interview


Cinderboy: Are there any words you would like to say to our readers before the interview ends?


We’ve posted a wealth of extra Eden Eternal info and other goodies on the Eden Eternal Official website. At the website, players can sign up for a chance to receive an invitation to Eden Eternal’s Closed Beta. Also, I’d like to take a moment to talk about Eden Eternal’s official forums, which are already bursting with a passionate, colorful community of players eagerly discussing all things Eden Eternal. We have a ready staff of GMs dedicated to running exclusive Eden Eternal events and contests.


Cinderboy: Thank you for your precious time!


My pleasure! I’m always happy to discuss Eden Eternal’s awesome features.

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