Camelot Unchained Reveals Silverhand Racial Boons and Banes

Camelot Unchained Producers Letter

Today City State Entertainment ended the full month long backstory behind the Silverhand race’s origins for Sandbox realm warfare MMORPG, Camelot Unchained. Harking from the Tuatha De Danaan (TDD), these silver armed monstrosities are adept specialists at extracting resources and fighting up close and person, though interestingly enough are not the best at actually utilizing those resources to craft items.

The total list of boons and banes are currently as follows:

Possible Examples of Racial Boons/Abilities

Hand of Steel – This Silverhand has committed to using his hand as a melee weapon. As such, he gains %+ in all his attacks and is less likely to fumble.

I am a Silverhand but not like my father – when you look at your arm, you are reminded of Nuada’s corrupted arm and remember not to fall into the darker side of your emotions. As such, you get a %+ buff to mental attacks resistance / resist rolls.

My hand is a shield – This Silverhand has committed to using his hand primarily as a defensive boost. As such, defense rating is boosted by %+ and he always has a % chance of blocking any targeted weapon attack.

Mining is easy! – This Silverhand has committed to using this hand mostly for mining. As such he gets a %+ boost in all mining related activities.

Vengeance is mine! – Upon entering The Depths™ the player has a buff placed on him that adds %+ to all attacks and mental attack resistance rolls.

Possible Examples of Racial Banes

Pride will be your undoing – As your skill level increases with each of your abilities, you have a % chance of having a long-term debuff placed on you that lowers all your defenses.

Lightning rod – Electrical based attacks have a %+ chance to hit me as well as a %+ in damage.

Fumble, fumblaya, fumblerooski – Maybe being a crafter isn’t the best idea for me. The player loses % in all crafting rolls.

I see Depths people – Upon entering The Depths the player has a % debuff placed on him that negatively affects all of his attacks and mental attack resistance rolls.

Do it for the children – This Silverhand remembers the sacrifice of John and Nimue and as such, any attacks against Arthurian females and male Dvergr  (if you can tell them apart!) are at a %-.  Just kidding about physical differences between the males and females.


The full background story can be found on the CU official website.

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