Dungeons and Dragons Online: Update 20 Now Live

Turbine has announced that Update 20 for Dungeons and Dragons Online is now available free today for all players. The update includes two new dungeons:

Update 20: Warforged Training

Eberron: Brothers of the Forge (CR 28)

Talbron Tewn, an old warforged friend you met back at the start of your adventuring in Eberron, requests your help. You accompany Talbron back to the Warforged Indoctrination Center where he was trained – now deep in the Mournlands – on a rescue mission. You learn to better understand the plight of the warforged — all while fighting adversaries, overcoming fiendish devices, and gathering loot, of course.


Forgotten Realms: A Study in Sable. (CR 26)

A Forgotten Realms twist on the classic manor-house mystery. Join a group of guests that are gathered at a manor near Eveningstar. Research the mis-happenings that take place during the days and nights of your stay. Each day a new guest falls victim and each evening threatens you with creatures of the night. Your days are numbered, can you solve the mystery before you it’s too late? Play the hero and defeat the vampire lord behind it all, but the real measure of your success is how many innocents you manage to save.

You can read the full details of the update here.

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