Forged Chaos Raises over $10,000 with Trials of Ascension Store Funding

ToA Revival

After missing the mark on their Kickstarter goals, Forged Chaos returned to the drawing board to design a new method to get their highly ambitious MMORPG, Trials of Ascension, funded. Earlier this month a store offering a set bounty of goods for any level of donation in addition to other purchasables garnered this sandbox title over $10,000 in funding. And none of that is going to be given as a cut to any middlemen mind you.

ToA Store

Those looking for an industry changing sandbox MMORPG that’s ready to take risks should check out the store themselves and gain access to the Founder’s Forum to stay up-to-date on development of Trials of Ascension.

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  • Alozar

    Awesome! Nice to see these guys being noticed.

    • joshpurple

      Well said, & Agreed 🙂 !

      -Gassy the Goblin

  • joshpurple

    Congrats Forged Chaos!! Great work, more power to you guys 🙂 !
    And AWESOME Thanks to the ToA Fans!! w00t!!
    -Gassy the Goblin

  • BowenTheKotoc

    I’ve been waiting so long for a game like this one, I really hope they are able to bring it to market.

  • James Williams

    I really hope TOA makes it over the funding wall this time, I have been hopping for it since the days of shadow Pool

  • Scott Duperree

    Listened to their podcast on Survival this morning, I hope this game gets funded, it will be great!

  • Mats Strandlund

    This game is super cool sounding and I’ve already pledged a bunch of money to them! I really hope this game makes it big.