Infographic: The Battle for Europe has Begun in Stronghold Kingdoms

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Firefly Studios has released a new infographic containing gameplay stats on the first few days of play in ‘Europe’, the recently released game world for Stronghold Kingdoms. Europe launched on February 13th at 3pm GMT after ranking consistently as the top requested feature among the Stronghold Kingdoms community.

Following the world launch players immediately began building castles and villages near their real life towns and cities. In the case of the more aggressive players the natural next step was to attack their medieval neighbours, which they did in droves. Just over three days after launch 1,200,000 village buildings had been placed, 325,000 battles fought and 40,000 castles built. The more economic farmer and trader players were also spurred on by the world launch, making 500,000 trades with their local markets and sending out more than two million scouts to forage for resources and equipment scattered across the battlefield.

Europe quickly became the most successful world launch in recent history for the popular MMORTS, with 10,000 players joining within 90 minutes of the launch. Although Firefly expects the number of new players to go down, currently almost half of all server traffic for the game is going to Europe. It is currently the most active game world with a peak of more than 7,000 concurrent users.

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