League of Angels Introduces Angelina, Guardian Angel System & Groundhog Shop!

GTArcade has been hard at work building upon its recent browser MMORPG, League of Angels. League of Angels features a unique Angel focused battle system, abundant equipment sets & upgrades, roguelike features, and an expansive storyline. But now, GTArcade is proud to announce three new additions to League of Angels!


League of Angels Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel System

The Guardian Angel system is a great new feature that allows Angels to protect Heroes in battle. Heroes with Guardian Angels will gain powerful buffs and bonuses in line with the strength of the Angel that is guarding them. In this way players can immensely increase the battle rating of their battle party while employing the strength of all their Angels rather than just a single one.

Guardian Angels will transfer a portion of their HP, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense to the Hero they are guarding. The portion of these attributes transferred depends upon a number of aspects including the Angel’s level, the color ranking of the Angel and the level of their Cherubstones. Cherubstones are a new feature introduced in conjunction with the Guardian Angel system that can be upgraded to increase the potency of buffs given to a guarded Hero.


 League of Angels Angelina

 New Angel – Angelina

The new Angel, Angelina, will be a powerful ally to both old and new players. Angelina can cast Royal Pain, a powerful spell that delivers a horrendous amount of magic damage to all enemies, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake. In addition to her superior starting attributes, Angelina’s Halo also gives powerful crit, attack, and HP buffs to four party members in battle, making her truly a force to be reckoned with. Now, what was that about a groundhog!?


League of Angels Groundhog Phil

Groundhog Phil’s Stash

A wandering groundhog named Phil has set up shops around the world! What do groundhogs love the most? Apples! Players can now exchange Apples with Phil for various rare and powerful items! The items available for sale are at Phil’s discretion, but he can be coerced to bring out rarer items for a cost! Buttering Phil up with more Apples will give the player a chance to purchase rarer and more exquisite items! By giving Phil even more Apples, the price of items can be decreased considerably. Apples can be obtained through exchanging either Diamonds or Vouchers, allowing everyone to obtain the most powerful items within Phil’s Stash!


Tryout these League of Angels and these new features by visiting the following link: http://angel.gtarcade.com , or if you prefer to play on Facebook, visit https://apps.facebook.com/leagueofangels.

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