Marvel Heroes Omega: Carnage – A new kind of “hero”

Marvel Heroes Omega - Carnage 1

Don’t mind me, just hangin’ out with Spider-Man. Totally normal.

One of the most interesting things about Marvel Heroes Omega is that their timeline is shattered and even villains wind up trying to help out to save all of existence. Some of them make sense: Magneto has walked the fine line between hero and villain before, that’s nothing new. Winter Soldier started out as a brainwashed soldier fighting America. Venom went from psychopath to a savior of the universe, Agent Venom, and so much more. Vision was briefly a villain, as was Hawkeye. But then we get to the weird ones like Doom and Ultron. But now we have a new villain who has joined the battle: Carnage! Cletus Kasady himself! This one genuinely shocked me. The last few characters, for the most part, have made sense. But Carnage is probably one of the vilest characters in this game. He was serving eleven consecutive prison sentences when Eddie Brock showed up as his prison cellmate. What’s so interesting about Carnage though, is when he’s bonded with the symbiote, he does not use “we”. Carnage refers to himself as “I”, such is their bond. But even Carnage has ultimately worked on the side of good, even if for the briefest of times and not altogether under his own volition. But he’s here, and he’s still the same ol’ psychotic, chaos obsessed weirdo, ready to murder his way to heroism! He has a wide variety of attacks that really fit how he fought in the comics: His whole body is a weapon and he’s not afraid to use it.

Level 60 Stats: 

Durability: 9
Strength: 10
Fighting: 4
Speed: 4
Energy: 4
Intelligence: 3

Marvel Heroes Omega - Carnage 2

Even his web splatters like a corpse.

Without having level 60 cosmic gear, my Carnage has 11,300 baseline health. My ideal build for him is going to be a tank, but even with tanky, durability gear, he still does incredible damage. Carnage attacks either drain his health or build up “Symbiotic Protection”, which absorbs incoming damage. Though one of my traits I tend to use changes that ever so slightly. Most of his skills are AOE, or in a nice wide arc. I do not use his basic attack “Slaying Swipe”, instead preferring to combo “Axe Sweep”, which does drain almost 900 health, but has a 50% slow attached, grants 140 Symbiotic Protection on hit, and now that they’re slowed, and have lost most of their HP, I follow up with Pure Carnage. He leans over and wild tentacles spin out of his body, lashing out at anyone near him, and giving back 350 per enemy hit.

Marvel Heroes Omega - Carnage 3


So you use Mauling Mace to leap into the fray, slice once or twice, then restore all your health. His signature, Reaping Time is kind of silly looking, but I’d never say that to his face. He goes spinning around, channeling for 4 seconds. You can move him around while he slices everyone around him, and one of the traits I use lower his cooldown for the signature for each kill he gets during it. Balancing the dwindling health with restoring it via the rest of his kit. His primary resource beyond his health is the aforementioned “Symbiotic Protection” which negates 60% of all incoming damage and absorbs the rest. Powers that cost health generate Symbiotic Protection in return. This is why he’s such an amazing tank, he can negate incredible amounts of damage. Another trait, “Symbiotic Bond” which offers a nice defense multiplier, health on hit, dodge multiplier as well as a 600 dodge rating. He also receives a 8% baseline damage reduction. His ultimate is ridiculous: Maximum Carnage. He’s invulnerable during it, deals baseline 61,000 damage twice per second, lasts for baseline six seconds, offers 50% damage buff, health regen, and 25% base attack speed.

Team-Ups/Synergies/Infinity Gems:

Marvel Heroes Omega - Carnage 4

Rollin’ wit Jubilee.

Personally, I use Jubilee/Magik/Havok, but Agent Coulson and Iron Man Mk. II are also fantastic choices. For laughs, I also use Spider Man or Agent Venom because … let’s be honest, that’s a funny concept. But my ideal supports deal lots of damage from a distance, while I leap in and just mangle/maul people with symbiotic axes into people. There are tons of options for synergies, so I’ll just list a few. Cyclops [while leveling], Antman, Elektra, Psylocke, She-Hulk, Squirrel Girl, Colossus, Wolverine, Emma Frost. And as far as thoughts on Infinity Gems:

Mind: Mental Focus [Critical Damage]
Power: Strike Through [Brutal Damage]
Reality: Potency [Base Damage to Sig. Powers]
Soul: Soul Gem Infusion [1 point for now]
Space: Gravity Well [Health]
Time: Temporal Loop [Attack Speed/Move Speed]
Final Thoughts:



Holy damnit, Carnage is amazing! He’s an interesting tank, and kind of reminds me of Rogue with her style. There are a lot of things I hope to see with him though. Maybe as far as costumes go, we’ll see some of his children as skins? You know, the “Separation Anxiety” story. The Spider-Carnage enhanced skin is also phenomenal. He’s an interesting choice for the game, and there are lots of fun events that could come with the advent of the psychotic harbinger of Chaos. He’s fantastic, mobile, does piles of damage and you can play him a variety of ways. But do be careful that you don’t spam your health-draining powers. It’s embarassing to die to Venom because of it.

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