New MMOs in 2021 You Won’t Want to Miss

By Jason Fogerty (JFogerty)

On the hunt for a new MMO to play? Whatever platform you are on, there are plenty of exciting new options this year. Quite a few quality MMOs have already released in 2021, and there are more yet to come. Let’s check out some top new MMOs in 2021 that you won’t want to miss and be sure to check out PC game deals by clicking here.

Here are Some Exciting New MMOs in 2021

1. Odin: Valhalla Rising

One highly anticipated MMORPG for 2021 is Odin: Valhalla Rising. As the name indicates, this game is inspired by Norse mythology. Some player classes include Warrior, Rogue and Priest. Last we heard, the game had a release date scheduled for June 29th this year in South Korea, but there has not been a lot of news about it since. Hopefully soon it will be available worldwide on PC and mobile.

Mad World Screenshot

Mad World Screenshot

2. Mad World

This is an MMORPG that still is not out yet. That is a statement we could have made quite a few times by now, as this game has been in development for what feels like ages now. Despite the long wait, we can’t wait to check it out when it does release. Jandi Soft is creating what looks like a visual masterpiece with this beautiful browser game. The last we heard, it is supposed to release at some point in 2021. Let’s hope it actually does.

3. Ashes of Creation

If you are interested in checking out a new MMO this year that is in its testing stages, you can take a look at the PC game Ashes of Creation. The fantasy game places emphasis on stealth, and features a world where civilization and nature are at odds. The “Alpha One” for the game launched on July 14th, and ran through August 13th. Tests will continue until the game is ready for its full release.

4. Elyon

Players who are looking for a new MMO that is soon to release in full this year will want to check out Elyon, a game previously known as “Ascent: Infinite Realm.” This game features two opposing factions as well as a threat from an organization known as the “Dark Apostles.” Elements of traditional fantasy mix with steampunk to create a compelling world. Beta testing took place in August, and the game is supposed to release in the western market on September 29th, 2021.


Elyon Screenshot

Elyon Screenshot

5. New World

You might be aware that Amazon Studios has decided to get a piece of the MMO pie. Their new game “New World” will take place in a fantasy world based on 17th century colonial America. A wide range of player classes will be available. Some of these are quite typical, like soldier, but others are a bit unexpected, like farmer. Originally, New World was supposed to release in 2020, but after multiple delays, it will release on September 28th this year.

6. Palia

We are still not sure whether Palia will launch in 2021 or not, but this game is worth keeping a close watch on. It comes from developer Singularity 6, which means that folk from Blizzard, RIOT and other major devs are working on it. On its official website, the description for Palia reads, “Palia is a massively-multiplayer community simulation game set in a brand new high fantasy world with elements of open world adventure games. It’s a cozy and welcoming world that we hope fans of the community sim genre will love for years to come.” That sure sounds like a nice change of pace, doesn’t it?

The developer states that they “may be running small scale tests and feedback sessions over the coming months.” If you head to the official page, you can sign up for a chance to be one of the testers. There is an optional survey you can fill out to give yourself a better chance. Hopefully you will be among the lucky ones!


We hope you enjoyed this list of exciting new MMOs in 2021. If you are looking for some sweet deals, be sure to take a look at these PC keys for sale. Have fun exploring all that this year’s new MMOs have to offer!

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