Novus AEterno Reaches Kickstarter Goal and Partners With OKTA

Novus OKTA

Novus AEterno has updated news on their Kickstarter campaign and game development, with several awesome developments in the works.

The Kickstarter has now officially reached its $200,000 goal with a few days left in the campaign, but the bigger news is that OKTA studio – which has done character work for well known game titles including Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 – has voluntarily funded the work on the game’s 3D ship bridge feature. OKTA will create player avatars for the game, allowing the development team to work on additional features like the ship bridge.

The team has also released the first part of the Cauldron Born lore (readable here), which is only $20,000 short of becoming a stretch goal reality. Novus AEterno will also be livestreaming this Saturday with Pontus, Senior Client Engineer, as a guest.

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