Galactic Civilizations III to Receive Villains of Star Control: Origins

Galactic Civ 3 Villains DLC

Stardock announced today that Galactic Civilizations III will be receiving a new DLC pack, which is slated to arrive on August 27th. With it will come four new playable races, with their own abilities, ship styles, and theme music. These races will be the “Villains of Star Control: Origins”. This DLC will be available for 5.99, and below we have a bit on each of these races.

The Measured: The Measured are sentient coral. They once had a rich, thriving civilization before they were modified by the Scryve. The Measured are the Bureaucrats of the Scryve sector which makes them fit in with the gameplay of Galactic Civilizations III nicely. They not only get the Bureaucrat ability but receive a new one: Mitotic, which gives them free administrators when they colonize new worlds.

The Phamyst: The Phamyst are the galaxy’s most polite cannibals. They find other beings generally intolerable. The galaxy is a messy place and they are just the ones to bring class and refinement to it.

The Xraki: The Xraki are considered fanatical monsters that came from another dimension by most. But things are not quite as they seem. The Xraki were once the shock troops of the Scryve Empire, who harvested them and modified them via the Scryve’s exclusive access to the only known Origin in the galaxy (a device that allows its user to go into alternative universes).

The Scryve: The immortal Scryve were not always villains. The Scryve Empire was once full of idealism and hope. Time and events slowly corrupted them. Now, the once all-powerful Scryve Empire is slowly dying. They have controlled our part of the galaxy for so long that few species have been left untouched by them. The Scryve are unlike any villain from the Galactic Civilizations universe. Where the Drengin are brutal, violent and intolerant, the Scryve are civilized, thoughtful and methodical. The Scryve could best be described as a people who followed “the ends justify the means” one too many times.

The Scryve are masters at conquering and then holding. Not only do they have the Conquerors ability, but they also receive the new Imperial ability which gives their ships an HP bonus in their territory based on the number of colonies whose zone of control are contiguous with their home planet.


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