Immortal King Online: The Path of Glory, Paved in Blood

Immortal King Online: The Path of Glory is Paved with Blood, not Stones

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Immortal King Online is a free-to-play browser MMO developed and published by Game321. This game is one of the few MMORTS genre based games trying to fight for the top and I decided to check out this game. Because of my experience with MMORTS games I was quite curious to see if this game had any chance to compete with the current market.



It is no news that the current MMORPG market has a lot of RTS genre based games and it is really hard to develop and support a successful title. I wanted to find the fling in Immortal King that makes this game so unique from others since there are more fish in the sea. I started off with making my character which is nothing special except for the fact that choosing a class doesn’t state what the name of the class is with any background info. I decided to make a sexy female with a big axe to swing at any foe that would dare to face me.



The game is mainly bases around Greece and its gods, so don’t be surprised if you see the names of the famous gods like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades coming by in any conversation. Without a question I started off with the tutorial to begin my training, which primarily consisted of army management. Now the battle screen is really something special to see and after every fight you can click to see the replay to watch every move again. From my perspective this makes the game very tactical and you can always review your battles to confirm the exact moment things went wrong. You can even change the speed of when rounds are done so it will not go too fast for you. The tutorial will also teach you the basics of crafting and upgrading your equipment so you will be stronger and more effective with the same gear.



When you are finally finished with the tutorial you will go to your own city where your troops and heroes can rest from the tough fights they had. You even have your own casino if you have too much cash lying around and want to earn some items or equipment! After doing some general base quest in your city like upgrading your temple and some shops it is time to prepare your troops for battle again and head out to kill. Some said they were Immortals… I put their name to the test.




Immortal King is a game this is not necessarily based on upgrading your city and getting the biggest income you can get like most games in its genre. Instead this game is heavily dependent on the combat and tactics you can employ. I really like the tactical combat and the developers of Game321 really show their goal in this game. They seem to have realized that building cities with houses and hundreds of different types of shops is actually quite boring. I really like the fact that Immortal King is a game that is more tactical instead of waiting ages for a building to finish up so you earn some extra gold. If you are a big fan of MMORTS games I would seriously suggest you try out this game because I truly had a blast.


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