Immortal King Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Immortal King is all about conquest in the world of Ancient Greece. Fact and fiction meld into a war torn land where witches and demigods rule. If you’re familiar with browser strategy games then you should be able to jump straight into this one without much difficulty. As your build and upgrade your hometown, you can collect taxes to spend on further upgrades or on hiring stronger mercenaries to conquer new lands.


Hero System: There are 137 hero units, 72 types of soldiers, and 7 usable formations in Immortal Kings. Each side is allowed to bring up to 10 hero units into combat, making for plenty of variety from battle to battle. Choosing the correct formation to counter your enemy makes the difference between victory and defeat.

Prestige: By aligning yourself with the Ocean, Underworld, or Heaven, players can obtain faction and unlock progressively stronger heroes.

City Management: Build and upgrade your city with the funds of your conquests to create a powerful economic powerhouse. Strong armies fund strong cities which in turn allow you to build stronger armies!

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