Maple story

Graphics: 8/10 i like the graphics i havent seend a good 2d platform in a long time. Its quite cartoony and the background is fun to watch.

Sound: 5/10 i didn’t realy get much of the sound but from what i head it was nice to to harsh one the ears i gave it a five because im still torn up about it.

Game play: 9/10 I love the game play like i said before i havent played a good 2d platfor im a very long time last one was back on NES infact.

Server stability: 7/10 Um the server stability with me was anoying every hour or so. It would randomly close my game. But other than that i suffered little but no lag.

Over all: 8.5/10 Over all the game is fun and enjoyable i think i will happly play this for a good year. If its free that long..

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