Megaten Interview: Game Sages and their Sages about Games

Questions by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), Onrpg Journalist.
Answered by Ryan Sandoval (tenkido), Game Sage.

It’s the dream of many veteran players; Becoming a Game Sage to help your fellow players and being recognized at the same time! It is all you could ask for! This dream became reality for Game Sage tenkido. After gaining a lot of knowledge about Aeriagames’ Megaten he decided to apply for the job and he was lucky enough to be chosen! Being a Game Sage brings a lot of questions up from people who are not familiar with the job and the exact meaning of being a Game Sage, so I decided to ask tenkido some questions about the whole meaning of being a Game Sage.

Onrpg: Could you introduce yourself, please?
My forum name is tenkido, but I prefer my nickname Jebus. I am a Game Sage on Aeriagames’ Megaten.

Onrpg: Why did you decide to become a Game Sage?
I’ve always liked helping people, whether it’s online or in person.

Onrpg: Would you be able to tell us a bit about how you became a Game Sage?
All I did was apply to become one and I was chosen due to how well known I was for being helpful around the community. That doesn’t mean someone with a reputable name has an advantage over someone who doesn’t, but it’s always good to be known so there’s a trust between you and the community already there.

SMT Community

Onrpg: What were your expectations of the job?
I expected to gain a little more trust from the community, and I gave trust back to them, due to my title. I feel that if I’m trusted more with the title, then there’s respect between them, me and Aeria.

Onrpg: Did these expectations become reality?
Of course they became a reality. I’m called upon a lot to help people with item transfers.

Onrpg: Could you tell us a bit about your daily routine in-game?
Mostly I log on in Channel 1 Shinjuku Babel, due to it having the most flow of traffic. Often times, I’m asked questions either regarding the game or about being a Game Sage. Once in a while I go to Home 3 and help around with the same thing I do in Shinjuku Babel. Sometimes I do a few dungeon/comp hack runs or help some people finish their Acts that are easier with a party.

Onrpg: What kind of things do you do outside of the game (ex. Forums, chat etc..) ?
I’m very active in the forums and in the Shout Box. I’m always lurking around the forums and am almost always ready to help people there. If I’m not in either the forums or the game, then I’m either busy with some school work or looking up something I may not know about the game.

Onrpg: Are there any kind of questions that you can’t help people with?
Only thing I can’t seem to help people with are the different class builds. I’m mainly familiar with my class (Mage) and haven’t really tampered with the others. Sorry.

SMT Character

Onrpg: Have you ever had players asking you quite.. unusual questions ?
I don’t know if I’ve ever been asked an unusual question, but I think the weirdest question was about the game mechanics for Last Chaos. Only thing I said to them was they were in the wrong game to ask that question. They stopped PM’ing (Tell) me after that.

Onrpg: I assume that you are not a full-time Game Sage and that you play the game from time to time. Could you tell us a bit about your character and what you do on a regular basis when not helping people?
My character is level 46 and I have most of my gear taroted. When I’m just hanging around doing nothing, I’m normally just talking to some friends and learning more about the game or I’m trying to sell some items/equipment to gain more money so I can host some random events for people.

Onrpg: What is your favorite part of the game and why?
My favorite part is the game itself. I played Digital Devil Saga a bit, so I knew about it a bit as well. Knowing a bit about it and how some things may/might be, so I fell in love with the game. Also, the way some Greek mythology and religion are in here, it makes me feel I’m learning more about these things, which I do enjoy.

Onrpg: What do you enjoy the most about being a Game Sage?
The best thing I enjoy about being a Game Sage is being trusted more than I was before. Yes, I think I was trusted before, but this title brings more responsibility. The thought that people trust me just because of the title makes me feel a bit important to the community.

Onrpg: What are the positive/negative parts of being a Game Sage?
The positives of this position are what I enjoy about being a Game Sage. Alas, there are negatives. They are being hated because of all the controversy against us and being expected to answer every question we’re given within a seconds. Yes, I have met people like that.

Onrpg: Do you get anything in return from Aeria Games for helping them with the game?
GameSages only receive one thing: satisfaction. The thought and feeling of know that we helped someone is good enough for me. And, honestly, I don’t feel we really deserve to receive anything from Aeria due to this being a community volunteer position.

Players in SMT

Onrpg: Do you see yourself more as a regular player or as a part of Aeria’s staff? Why?
I see myself as a part of both. On the one hand, I’m a Game Sage that has to follow other rules so as to keep the title and to be respected by others. But, on the other hand, I talk and act as though I’m just a regular player because I am just a regular player, but with more responsibility.

Onrpg: Is there any other game you would like to be a Game Sage for?
There isn’t any other game because I prefer MegaTen over all.

Onrpg: What makes you stick to Megaten?
The community. Sadly, there is a lack of content for now and everyone can see that. But, if it wasn’t for how nice and amazing the community was here, I would probably move onto another game. The impression of the community of is always important.

Onrpg: A long, long time ago, you used to be a newbie. Could you tell us about how you developed and improved in Megaten?
I started talking to a lot of people, gained knowledge about the game and started to talk a hold of my character myself. Then, after getting to the point where I felt I knew what I was going to do later on in my levels, I started to gain more knowledge in other fields, such as expertise and technical issues.


Onrpg: What kind of responsibilities does being a Game Sage have?
There is being a role model to others, making sure others are having a good time, and keeping the disorderly in order.

Onrpg: Is there anything else you would like to mention about being a Game Sage?
It’s not for everyone!

Onrpg: Thank you for your time!
It was a pleasure.

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