Meta’s Verse: CoH Refugees

Meta’s Verse: CoH Refugees

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG Paragon Reporter



In less than two week’s time every City of Heroes player is going to be an MMO refugee. Many of us are lucky enough to have fall back MMOs already waiting for us. But many, many more are finding themselves facing the fact that come December 1st they won’t have an MMO to call home anymore. The forums of every AAA MMO have at least one post from a City of Heroes refugee looking for a new home. Some people have already moved on from Paragon City, unable to face the depressing facts. Some, like me, are dedicating every remaining moment until November 30th to City of Heroes. No matter what way you’re approaching November 30th you’re facing some hard goodbyes. But at least you know you aren’t alone, and these City of Heroes refugees are looking for you. So here are just some of the places you can find fellow City of Heroes players.



Champions Online

As Cryptic were the original City of Heroes makers and Champions Online is the second most popular Super Hero themed MMO Champions seems to be the logical choice for many City of Heroes players. And the forums are crawling with helpful tips, invitations and much more for former, or soon to be former City of Heroes players.



The Secret World

As one of the few modern day setting MMOs, The Secret World seems to have become the second most popular destination for City of Heroes refugees. An event has even been scheduled for November 30th. It will start in City of Heroes on Virtue for some screenshots and seeing the servers shut down. Then everyone is invited to log into The Secret World on Arcadia for a Survivors Processional through Kingsmouth and another screenshot.



Guild Wars 2

A few dedicated roleplayers have created a thread on the Guild Wars 2 roleplayers forums looking for former Virtue players. It may not be a very popular choice right now though as a lot of City of Heroes players are feeling burned by NCSoft.


Star Trek Online

The Paragon Expedition Fleet has been formed in Star Trek Online as a home for City of Heroes players. There is also a global channel called CoX for players to connect with eachother on.



City of Steam

On the City of Heroes forums the browser based City of Steam has proved to be quite popular with City of Heroes fans. It helps that one of the developers of the game played City of Heroes at one time. Of course since this game is only in closed beta it may be some time before it can be a permanent home for players.

These are just a few examples. I’ve seen discussions on how sad they are about City of Heroes closing in the chat channels of several MMOs. You can’t go to a AAA MMO without running into someone who is touched by the closure of City of Heroes. I hope you all get to do everything you want to before the end. And come back next week as I take a look at some of the end events planned as well as talk to some of my previous guests.

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