Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Expansion Announces for 2019

Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Capcom announced some exciting news this morning for Monster Hunter fans around the world. Monster Hunter: World‘s first expansion is “Iceborn”, and is coming in Autumn 2019. It will be available across all platforms, with a PC release to be shared in the future. Monster Hunter World: Iceborn will feature new quest ranks, locales, monsters, gear, in addition to a full narrative experience that progresses from the ending of Monster Hunter: World. The base game will be required for the expansion and more information on that is expected in Spring 2019. There is also a free Trial Version of Monster Hunter: World arriving on Playstation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow (December 11th) and will be available until December 17th at 3:59 pm PST. Offering a hefty preview, the Trial Version allows new players to experience quests up to the 3-star level and online multiplayer up to Hunter Rank 4. In addition, any saved progress transfers over to the main game, so new players are encouraged to start their hunting journey.

In addition, there is plenty of exciting content for current players of Monster Hunter: World to look forward to soon. Capcom is working on a special collaboration with CD PROJEKT RED to bring professional monster hunter Geralt from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt into the New World early next year. Unique quests will offer a brand-new type of gameplay that blends the immersive RPG experience of The Witcher 3 with Monster Hunter: World. The voice actors for Geralt have also contributed newly recorded dialogue to further enhance this collaboration.

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