Nadirim: Arabian Intrigue, Tactics Combat

Nadirim: Arabian Intrigue, Tactics Combat

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Nadirim is a free-to-play multiplayer browser game that has an Arabian fantasy setting inspired by the Tales of the Arabian Nights.



Nadirim doesn’t waste any time rushing you into the action. When I first logged into the game and made my character the town I was thrown into was attacked by a big octopus. After speaking with a few citizens it quickly became apparent that this mangy beast was my responsibility to deal with. Of course after saving this town their ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’ mindset was quickly apparent, and the citizens demanded me to run all over killing mice and digging for manuscripts etc. Thankfully the UI is easy on the eyes and very helpful for keeping track of all these tasks. Once you find your quest tab you can find every quest you have accepted and can toggle on an item or NPC tracking feature by simply pressing on the name in the quest tab. This will get a green arrow on the ground that will help you find your goal. If you still have some trouble finding quests you can also pull up your Map with M where you will find new quests and quest objectives. This will easily help you to find your way around when you’re lost.



In terms of building your character you currently have three classes to choose from. I chose for the Warrior which is a mighty soldier specialized in closed combat. You can also pick the Rogue which is more of a dps styled close combat fighter, and the Sage which prefers to engage the enemy from afar with the use of magic.



When you engage in battle it will cost you energy. Energy is a limiting factor on gameplay that can only be regained by resting or purchasing more energy through the cash shop. The regeneration rate of energy isn’t too severe though so cash shopping is only required for really hardcore grinders.



Speaking of the premium shop, you can also purchase Boosts, Weapons, Armors and Cosmetics. You will acquire 10 free Gems when you create your character which offers a nice little boost to help you get some premium items for free. The character models in this game adjust beautifully with hand-drawn graphics to match your equipped items so some of these cash shop items really made players look dazzling compared to the rest of us.



Now back to the combat, the combat system is more complex than your typical grinder but still kept easy during the early levels so as not to scare new players away. The gameplay takes place on a hexagonal grid similar to a honeycomb and happens in turn-based rounds. This makes the game quite strategic, particularly when teaming up with other players to tackle stronger bosses. Since I made a warrior character I had to spend most of my points to walk a few steps to engage my foes. When I was standing near them I could attack them with my skills; skill strength is balanced with a cooldown system so your better skills will often be unavailable for multiple rounds once they go on cooldown. Since each ability has its own utility, damage, and bonus status effects, you really have to plan out the battle so you don’t find yourself helpless to defend yourself at a vital moment of a fight.



You can unlock more skills by leveling up; after each level you can visit the Spell Book that will show you your unlock skills and the locked skills. The locked skills are seen in a grey unclickable way. You will see the required level under the skill so you can anticipate your future power via this menu.




Nadirim offers rich variety gameplay elements for everyone! There are a lot of quests and features that you can do that will keep you busy for quite some time. Unfortunately the energy system does require you to take breaks once in a while but since its browser-based that isn’t too big of an issue as I tend to play these on the go anyway. In addition to the original combat system, this game offers a gigantic open world for you and your friends to explore together. Various books hidden throughout the game world also share an intricate story explaining the struggle between the players and the Jin in preparation of the fall of the everlasting sun. The added bonus of being able to test your tactics in PvP against your friends really adds a lot of replayability to the game. If you are tired of the same old fantasy settings and static overdone point and click combat that’s become too common in MMORPGs, then I suggest you hop into Nadirim and experience something new!

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