Nadirim Online Beta Preview – Get Your Harem Pants Ready!

Nadirim Online Beta Preview – Get Your Harem Pants Ready!
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Before I start this review, I’m going to assume that you don’t like browser games like I do. When asked to review a browser game, I would normally just assume something generic as most of them revolve around clicking texts and images. Nadirim Online, however is an exception. I would like to say that I have nothing but respect and admiration for this game, as it (in my opinion) has taken browser games to a whole new level.


It’s amazing how browser games managed to get this far, now functioning like client-based MMOs without the hassle of downloading and patching. When I first played this game, I was utterly stunned by Digital Reality’s fine take on MMO browser gaming. Upon viewing trailers and trying it out for the first time during our exclusive tour, I was pretty much conviced that some browser games can be awesome, and can even be more fun than some client games.


Concept wise, I would say that Nadirim’s world is pretty unique in general. Instead of offering us the usual dungeons and dragons (no pun intended), Nadirim focuses on Arabic mythology, giving us Djinns, Genies, as well as a few elements that are exclusive to the world of Nadirim. So what is Nadirim anyway? Why am I raving like it’s the best browser game on the planet?


Character Creation

Nadirim Online has 5 basic classes (with 3 currently available): The Warrior, who uses brutal strikes that hit their opponents to the ground with massive damage; The Sage, who relies on his/her exquisite lineup of spells to slay monsters in a variety of ways; The Ruffian, who (in the developer’s own words) is a dirtier version of the Rogue; The Caravan Master, who by far is one of the most unique classes I’ve ever seen, forcing slaves to fight his battles for him; and the Nomad, who is comparable to hunter classes that commands animals to aid him in battle. Each character has their own pros and cons, which is a good thing as we normally have different classes to lessen the linearity of playing the same way over and over again. The character creation interface is actually quite broad for a browser game, which normally just lets you pick a picture and name your character. In Nadirim, they really take character creation seriously. Though this feature will be implemented at a later time, players will have the chance to edit their character’s face, background, accessories, and hairstyle.


Nadrim Character Creation


The best part about Nadirim’s system is having the ability to fully define your characters with skills that will aid you in your journey. The game sports the attribute system, which is much similar to games like Ragnarok Online, or better yet, Diablo. Players will also be able to access different skill trees per character, which means that not all Warriors, Ruffians, or Sage will ever function the same way. Everything will depend on your stats and skill choices. Battle Sage anyone?


Also, items and equipment display differently when equipped, allowing you to grant your character a personal touch, especially since there’s so much to choose from.


An Expanding World

If you think that the world of Nadirim is big, know that the developing team is constantly expanding the ingame planes as we speak. This means that players will have more areas to explore over time, and can look forward to more monsters to slay on their browser based adventure.



Nadirim’s combat system is turnbased, which is comparable to the early Final Fantasy games. You and your enemies will each have your chance to attack each other during your turn, and will need to rely on your skills to even the odds. Enemies or mobs are indicated by the red color surrounding them. Once you click on a hostile character, combat begins. Nadirim also stated that they will implementing Aggro mobs soon, which may boost the game’s difficulty overall, but don’t worry, because the group or partied combat system will be there to even the odds.


Nadrim Combat Browser MMO

Graphics And Sounds

Now I normally don’t use this header when reviewing browser games, but Nadirim is  the type of browser game that is commended also for its beautiful graphics and stunning sounds. First of all, moving images are rather rare in the world of browser MMOs, and even if there were, they would be limited to 2-framed GIFs. Nadirim on the other hand allows players to reallty control their character on the screen. For the lack of a better example, I would say “A high resolution Arabian Diablo”. The ingame elements look briliant, with enough details to emphasize the terrific experience. The soundtrack also adds up to my list of raves, as it enhances the experience whether in combat or just plain adventuring. The sound effects are also superb, as the game provides a series of hit sounds that’s just about right for each skill or attack. Hands down to Nadirim for this amazing display of browser-based graphics.


Nadrim Graphics Sounds MMORPG

The List

Not satisfied? Worry not, for Nadirim was nice enough to provide us with a list of upcoming features. First of all, PVP and group battles will be implemented over time, allowing players to prove themselves in the world of Nadirim. System-wise, the game will also be implementing achievements, which will indicate how far you’ve gone in this world of adventure. A crafting system will also be available soon, so get those materials ready.

Nadrim Extra MMORPG


Although the game is still on its beta stage, I’m quite happy with Nadirim already. Being able to explore a world that’s unfamiliar to most MMO players is always a treat, and I’m still looking forward to more Nadirim goodness. Somehow, the game doesn’t seem to fit in the browser game category. It’s just hard to believe that a browser game could function as well as Nadirim. I’m still hyped up for the final product, I hope you guys are too.

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