Raiders Of The Broken Planet Available Now

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Dev Diaries #2 [English] - YouTube

After a week of being in Open Beta, MercurySteams most ambitious project, Raiders of the Broken Planet is now live! The studio behind Metroid: Samus Returns and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One as a free download on those platforms. The Prologue available in that contains two missions, four characters, and sets the stage for the upcoming story. The first campaign of this year, Alien Myths, is available for purchase for 9.99.

“Raiders of the Broken Planet is easily the most ambitious title MercurySteam has ever produced. It has taken us three years to get here and I’m so proud to be launching the Prologue and Alien Myths campaign today! We hope players can see the amount of love and passion that has gone into this title,” said Enric Álvarez, Co-Owner of MercurySteam. “We want the barrier of entry to be as low as possible which is why we have a free Prologue, followed by individual €9.99 campaigns, as opposed to a €60 retail release. Publishing Raiders of the Broken Planet ourselves gives us the freedom to make these decisions.”

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