Star Control: Origins’ Reinforcements DLC Launches for Free

Star Control Origins Reinforcements DLC

Star Control: Origins is giving their community the gift of violence, and is giving it free of charge. The Reinforcements DLC launches today that doubles the amount of playable vessels for the Fleet Battles mode, and will offer greater depth for players when putting the fleets together for combat. Each new vessel has a unique weapon loadout and a sleek new design. All of the new ships are available for multiplayer and competitive play and have been carefully balanced for an equal and fun gameplay experience for all players.

Update 1.3 also arrives today, which is aimed at enticing more exploration during the main game, including uncovering rumors of a Scryve superweapon. Improved controls on the main Vindicator ship also were added, and powerful new weapons are just waiting to be discovered. New weapons have also been added to the crafting menu, including the Fragmentation Missile, Rapid Laser, and more.

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