The Secret World: The End of Days

The End Of Days Is Coming!

By Jonathan Doyle (Ardua), OnRPG War Correspondent



The End of time as we know it approaches. There have been signs, there have been warnings. Some of you have scoffed at the idea, others of you believe. Soon we will all be believers, soon we will all know the truth of the Mayan Long Count and the end of days.


Mankind has been warned. On December 21st there will be a cataclysmic event that marks the end of time as we know it. It is time to prepare.


Leading up to this world-changing event is a brand new alternate reality game (ARG) set in and around The Secret World universe, which will allow you to better prepare for what is to come. If you have never participated in an ARG event before, this is your perfect chance.


And quite possibly our last.


This might be your one chance to save yourself from this inevitable cosmic event, and we encourage you to pre-register to take part in the ARG. Pre-registration is free and available on . The ARG will start in a few days and having always followed them before and seen how strong the community is, you do not want to miss this opportunity.


According to Funcom you do not need to be an active The Secret World player to take part. Exclusive prizes will be offered to all those who participate and that you will be able to enjoy these before everything comes to one last, screeching halt on December 21st.


You do not have to play The Secret World to participate in the ARG, but if you do, you can look forward to some very special rewards:

An exclusive Monk outfit will be rewarded to any participant which can be worn in-game once the ARG has started

Experience potions that will allow you to progress faster in the game

Special items when Issue #6 launches, including an unique end of days survival outfit and other powerful items

Invitation to an online end of days celebration event with members of the TSW development team



So get your clue cracking hats on. Prepare for the end times. Dark Days are almost here, and may God have mercy on us all.

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